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East of Eden Plants design gardens, plantscapes, courtyards, sun terraces and superior patios with plants from around the world. We are experts in creating themed designs from climate zones including desert, Mediterranean, tropical, sub-tropical and mountain regions from every continent, creating stunning exterior and interior designs with British, Mediterranean, exotic and hardy tropical plants.

From Courtyards to Coastlines, Urban to Rural, Green Roofs to Grand Interiors, Green Walls to Green Schools - let our innovative BALI-winning and RHS-Gold-winning plants and design ideas work for you.

Getting started

Self-watering planters are a canny idea for busy people (and who isn't?). Not only are self-watering planters beautiful in their own right, they actually take care of plants better than most people can. So they are ideal for people who tend to 'lose' plants.

Even busy plant experts like us are more than happy to let these clever planters do the watering.

These self-watering planters are gift boxed and an ideal starter to get into the smart world of self-watering. Perfect for growing herbs and all tender plants that need bottom-watering. These planters contain the water inside the unit so are hygenic and suited for kitchen use - or anywhere. Download GIFT PLANTERS e-brochure (pdf).

Trough window planter
Creating an Olive Garden Creating an Olive Tree Garden  
We plant trees all year round using container grown stock and Rootgrow British mycorrhizal fungi rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi  
Creating a Tropical Garden Creating a tropical garden  

Garden Design Ideas with
Hardy Exotic, Tropical and Mediterranean Plants

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Garden Design

From garden designer
palette to plant pallet
Designer pallette to plant pallet

An Unbeatable DIY Garden Design Option

As well as award-winning designs and plants, we give the same care and attention to DIY Garden Designers.
Put your own DIY pallet of plants together Designer pallette to plant pallet
A favourite delivery method of ours, and our clients, is to have all plants carefully and individually selected by us (but chosen by the client, through talking to us), and then delivered all together at a pre-arranged date.
You get the best quality plants in existence at competitive prices, plus a much wider choice than you get from any other single supplier, or locally - because if you want something we haven't got, we will get it for you, from anywhere in the UK or Europe if need be, from our extensive trade network.
Our design pallette is huge. It is how we do our bespoke designs for the top shows and awards. We will do the same for you - we don't know any other way. Plus, for a small one-off fee, we can come and meet the delivery (or bring it with us) and lay out the plants to their best effect for you. No other plant or design company does this! So, even in a DIY garden design we are there to help.
Our Designer + DIY option gives you the best of both worlds: you prepare your garden (with our soil advice for the intended plants), and we will bring a designer quality selection of plants and help you lay them out. We will tell you about any aftercare they need, which can be done either by yourself, or professionally. Priceless.  
Read Clem's DIY Hardy Tropical Garden Case Study, and see how, from a sketch supplied to us, we gave him design advice, plant selection from the widest choice, and all plants delivered together in one go, ready for planting day. Clem even took advantage of having our top designer, Peter, arrive with the plants and plant them out to the best effect. You are welcome to join in Clem's success.  
Case Study - From Designer Pallette to Plant Pallet
(PDF opens in new window) Designer pallette to plant pallet
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  From Designer Palette to
Delivered Plant Pallet Designer pallette to plant pallet

From private courtyards and home gardens to architect-led projects we can help you with the right designs, plants for do-it-yourself or complete project management. The range of plants available has never been bigger, with even better price reductions.

Whether you want design support or just the plants and accessories, our accessory finder and plant finder and distribution service now extends across the UK and Europe.

You can have a beautiful garden that has greenery all year round, low maintenance, calm and tranquil or stunningly dramatic. We have a wider choice of garden buildings and growing frames and professional tools than ever before.

All you have to do is call.. or email..

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BALI Awards - Winning plants The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) held their Awards Ceremony in London in December. These are the Oscars of the landscaping world.Not only did one of our design collaborations win its class as Best Domestic Garden Design, it was also selected as the overall Design of the Year 2009, beating off competitiion from multi-million-pound projects.

We have been invited to write the lead article for the Summer edition of BALI News to talk about what we brought to the design, and how the design elements work.


Selling your house - How to get to the front of the queue - Good Garden Design Sells Houses

Not Morocco
Use of a red Devonian sandstone wall in an Exeter garden to create a dramatic setting Rootgrow mycorrhiza information

So you can’t sell your house at the moment? You will. There are signs that the downturn is bottoming out and the market is moving again. There is a big backlog of people wanting to sell their house, so how will you make your house stand out from the crowd?

Mediterranean palm

Ask yourself: Which houses will sell first? What will you buy? A nice house in a good location? Or a nice house in a good location with a stunning garden? Maybe the stunning garden will make the location better?

We know from our work with estate agents and houses and gardens on the market that a fabulous garden will sell the house before the clients even get to the front door!

Client asked us to produce an inspirational garden to help sell their property

Same area of the garden having designed and created a Mediterranean theme that wowed the client and their buyer



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With our experience and our plants you will have a stunning garden. Even if you choose to do-it-yourself, with our plants and guidance you can create a beautiful garden that will put you in the front running to sell your house – you may not even want to move!
Suburban exotic garden
Garden styles - slideshows Rootgrow mycorrhiza information

New House? Or staying put?

Whether you have just moved in, or have decided to stay put, treat yourself and add value to your property at the same time with green investment. Where will your garden take you this year – Bali? Tuscany? Capri? Japan? Use the plants and accessories we use. More
Citrus Care Guide CLICK HERE
Citrus trees are very rewarding plants to look after, providing endless interest as the scented flowers appear in spring; small fruits set as the flowers fade; fruits steadily grow over 6 months until they ripen to orange or yellow; and the fruits are either picked or remain decoratively on the tree for 3-10 months after ripening.

Citrus - click to enlarge

Rootgrow Professional mycorrhizal fungi
Rootgrow Professional Rootgrow mycorrhiza information

We use Rootgrow™ mycorrhiza for our plants.





Planting Guides
We recommend Rootgrow™ for all new plantings.



Know your olives Olive Care Guide CLICK HERE
The Olive tree symbolises the essence of the Mediterranean landscape. It is an elegant, evergreen tree which makes an excellent specimen plant for a sunny courtyard in a terracotta pot or planted in a Mediterranean style garden. If you are bold enough, there is nothing quite like your own olive grove, under planted with lavender to stimulate the imagination.
Bougainvillea Care Guide General Growing / Plant Care Guide  
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