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General Care Instructions
Bougainvilleas are very adaptable and can be grown to virtually any size and shape including bonsai, standard, bush, hanging baskets, espaliers, pyramid or over an arch.

Full sun. Can be grown on a windowsill, in a porch or a conservatory. During the summer they can be placed outside. Cut them back to bring them in over winter.



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Watering and Feeding
Bougainvilleas need plenty of water and feed in the growing season. Give them a good soak and then allow to dry a little between waterings in the summer.
Note : Water sparingly in the winter.

Feed once a week, while in active growth. To obtain best results a high Nitrogen feed is first applied, followed by a high Potash fertilizer.

We use Vitafeed 301* high nitrogen feed to encourage growth development. We then change to Vitafeed 111*, to enhance colour development of the bracts. Before the bracts are at their best we change back to Vitafeed 301* to encourage the next young shoots that will go on to produce bracts.

NB: Do not feed plants on dry roots. If the compost is dry, moisten today and feed tomorrow.

Note: DO NOT EXCEED DOSAGE of 1 Level Teaspoon per 2 gallons of water.

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Bougainvilleas are best grown in Terracotta pots. Keep them fairly pot bound. Do not repot plants until they have acclimatised to your conditions
(2-3 weeks). When potting, support the root ball, place compost into position and water in to settle.
Note: DO NOT COMPRESS THE ROOTS. In warm weather you may find it beneficial to soak the pot in water before repotting. We use Vitax Q4 Potting Compost.


Bougainvillea with mimosa

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We do our main pruning at the end of February. You can prune lightly after each flush of flower.

Must be kept in a frost-free position in winter. And can be stored at 2-3°C.
Under 10°C Bougainvillea will tend to go deciduous, but will leaf up again when it gets warmer.
We have found that Bougainvilleas can flower well in winter in a temperature above 10°C

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