Cloud Trees


Cloud Trees

Note:  Although we love using genuine Japanese grown cloud trees, they are now very rare and hard to obtain, and there are none available for the rest of this season. The European grown cloud trees are not of the shape and quality that we use in our own designs, or supply to customers. When the genuine Japanese cloud trees are available next season, we shall put out a notification.

Cloud pruning, know as Niwaki, is a Japanese method of training and pruning trees to resemble clouds.

In Japan they have a deeply spiritual meaning revealing the essential essence of the tree.

Although symbolic of Japanese gardens, they can form striking focal points in many types of garden styles, including courtyards, terraces and roof gardens.

Cloud trees can be created from single specimens or plants grouped together. There are many species that are suitable to be formed into cloud trees, including Buxus (Box), Pinus (Pine), Taxus (Yew), Juniperus (Juiper), Ligustrum (Japanese privet) and even Olea (Olive trees) which all thrive in the UK.

However, our favourite cloud trees is the very hardy evergreen, and elegant small leaved Ilex crenata (Japanese holly, which is available in a large range of sizes and cloud formations).

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Cloud Trees
Cloud Trees
Cloud Trees
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