Garden designs with exotic, tropical and Mediterranenan plants by EAST OF EDEN PLANTS

Tropical, Mediterranean and Contemporary Garden Designs

Specialist garden designers supplying Hardy Exotic plants, including Tropical plants, Mediterranean plants and other world plants, for your garden designs. We also specialise in conservatory and interior designs.

We aim is to supply premier quality plants and designs to suit all exterior and interior spaces in the UK.

 East of Eden Mediterranean Design Theme

Before East of Eden
After East of Eden

Exotic, Tropical, Mediterranean and Contemporary Garden Designs

Garden and Interior Designs for homes and Business

From simple consultation, to full-on transformations, our design and plant expertise

will help you to create stunning gardens, landscapes or interior plantscapes.

We design to suit your unique environment, and in the style of your choice.

For interior or Exterior Designs Call 01752 829178 or 0781 279 7127 for a design meeting.


Unique exotic, tropical and Mediterranean garden designs

We are specialists in Exotic, Tropical and Mediterranean Japanese Zen and Contemporary Garden Design.

We will help you design and create your own garden, supply you with the best plants and garden accessories, or we can do the whole project for you. We work with you to create the garden design of your dreams.

Bring the world to your garden -

Been abroad? Liked the plants? We have the plants that will recreate Mediterranean and tropical worlds in your garden, creating a whole new garden look and feel, a whole new world for you to live in and enjoy.

Buy with confidence

From gardens and courtyards commercial developments to interiors, we have a experienced botanical design team specialising in Mediterranean styles, hardy and tender exotics and tropical plants suited to the British climate.

Large and small gardens

We work on any size of garden design project, from small town courtyards to large country gardens. Every design is unique, because every garden is unique.

We design with plants

You don't have to spend a fortune to achieve an interesting and beautiful garden design. We can do a lot with a small garden, or create a large impact in a large garden.

Get the best plants

With our botanical knowledge and commercial experience means we will specify the right plants for the right location. Our professional reputation will ensure that only top quality plants are used in your garden design, delivered to site handled by professionals from nursery to location. 'Designer quality' plants means the best quality plants you can buy

East of Eden Plants collaborates with Hampton Court and Chelsea award winning designers

Wendy Allen - 'Rain Chain' Garden
Hampton Court Gold Medal
Wendy Allen 'Rain Chain' Best in Show Sustainable Garden Design

We supply plants from specialist growers

Interior Themes of all shapes and sizes

For all Private and Commercial settings

 Design Palette to Plant Pallet

Outline plan with planting
We can supply all specified plants from one of our designs direct to your door by pallet ready for your own landscapers or gardener to creat your exotic garden

DIY Design Case Study - Design Palette to Plant Pallet

Designs for Business

View the Garden

With the same passion and expertise that we offer private clients, we offer a commercial service for your iinterior and Al Fresco consultations from design outlines, plant and specialist commercial quality planter recommendations, all the way up to detailed designs and planting schemes, supply and installation.

East of Eden can offer a range of unique and innovative

features and accessories for commercial settings

We can supply a Care Guide for your designated staff, but can also provide a regular maintenance scheme to take the long term worry out of your investment.

We collaborate with other specialist designers to ensure that all garden styles can be accomodated to the highest professional standard.

For Home or Business Interiors or Exterior Designs

01752 829178 or 0781 279 7127

Al Fresco Restaurant Themes

Mature Olive tree forms focal point in a Chelsea Roof-Top Design


In addition to our high commercial quality self-watering planters, we can also supply a stylish range of outdoor furniture and other accessories

Self Watering Planters and other accessories

available via our web-shop

Contact us for exotic, tropical and Mediterranean garden design
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East of Eden

Designs with Plants

Garden Designs for all

We work on design schemes for home, office, restaurants, hotels and vibrant urban landscape developments.

Call us on 01752 829178 or 0781 279 7127 to discuss your requirements.

We work with landscapers on all sizes of garden and business exterior transformations.

Whatever your needs, we have the plants and the designs for you!


View the Garden

Unique Garden Designs

Our garden designs start with you - a unique customer with a unique garden requirement. Because our plant knowledge includes plant biology, all of our designs are unique to the garden requirements, and the wishes of our customers.

As a part of our consultation service, we combine the impact of plants with fundamental garden design resulting in a wide range of landscaping and design possibilities and relate this to the vision of our clients.

We have Hardy Exotic, Tropical and Mediterranean plants for scent, colour, hot greenery and cool elegance.

Many varieties of palms are particularly suited to southern and western coastal positions in many parts of the UK - as the commercial palm and Mediterranean nurseries throughout northern Europe testify!

We supply quality Mediterranean, exotic and tropical plants from our own grown stock, as well as handpicked specimens from premier European nurseries, including citrus and Mediterranean stocks direct from Tuscany and naturalised in the UK.

With our botanical design knowledge, we provide vibrant new choices of flow of colour and form, or instill Zen tranquility.

Why not make a booking for us to come and visit you!

Roof gardens, buying or selling or just building a stress-free zone in your home, designing with plants makes all the difference.

Design services are cost effective and really pay off - choose from simple sketches to onsite plans and computer-aided virtual garden mock-ups.

CAD full architects design copyright Bowker Sadler

We work cost effectively - we will not provide costly CAD drawings when a simple sketch will do - allowing you to concentrate your budget on the stars of your garden design - the plants!



Italian formal garden


How much will it cost?

It depends on you and your garden, of course. With us, most of your investment goes on the plants, so we are not as expensive as you may think.

We work to all budgets large and small.

Contact us for a quote. You can send us your garden images using our contact form...... or via email:

Often, designs start with a single plant, like a feature olive tree.

If you don't ask us for our ideas you will never know, will you?

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Contact us for exotic, tropical and Mediterranean garden design



We use only the best Plants in our Interior Design Projects

No project is too small for us


Cornish Courtyard

Outside Garden Room

Self watering planters

maximise plant growth

with minimal effort

For all your interior and exterior planting and garden designs

Call us 01752 829178 or 0781 279 7127

East of Eden Plants
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