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H202GO SLS (SLS cart - 35 Litre)

Garden Products » » H202GO SLS (SLS cart - 35 Litre)

£673.00 Delivery can take up to 3 weeks


Fabric Covering Colour



At last a sustainable way of watering plants



SLS Fabric Cover WATER CART includes: 


  • Option for 35 or 50 litre steel water tank
  • Cart with four wheels (including 2 swivel castors; one braked)
  • 4 wheels including 2 swivel castor wheels (one braked)
  • Stainless Steel Pressure Chamber
  • Coiled Hose with Aquastop and Multi-Setting Spray Gun
  • Comes in a variety of Fabric cover colours: Lime Green, Dark Green, Dark Blue or Black


The H2O-2GO cart safely transports pressurised fresh water for easy plant care. Water is dispensed using a spray gun or other interchangeable nozzle – It is very easy to use, yet has no batteries or electrical pump, so  requires no charging and little or no maintenance.





It fills from a suitable mains water tap, has a completely sealed steel water tank, making the moving of water easier and more efficient. It also overcomes the Health & Safety issues associated with using hosepipes in an office or retail



The cart is easily filled by disconnecting the quick release spray gun, then connecting the curly hose end directly to a suitable mains tap using standard garden hose fittings and left to fill – The tank is sealed and cannot overflow,

so can be left unattended while filling, which takes 5-10 minutes.









Enables professional plant care

Save time and labour by streamlining the watering process

Less time spent refilling watering cans means

Allows you to water the plants more efficiently

Improved Health and Safety, due to the reduction of risk

from leaky watering cans and trailing hoses.

Dying, dry plants a thing of the past

Easily manoeuvrable even when full

Has a small space footprint

No pumps or electricity required

Simply fill up from a mains tap and GO!

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