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Mobilane LivePicture (LivePicture 1 (72 x 72 x 7 cm), Charcoal)

Garden Products » » Mobilane LivePicture (LivePicture 1 (72 x 72 x 7 cm), Charcoal)



LivePicture 1 (72 x 72 x 7 cm)

LivePicture 2 (112 x 72 x 7 cm)

LivePicture 3 (152 x 72 x 7 cm)

LivePicture 4 (192 x 72 x 7 cm)




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LivePicture by Mobilane is the perfect blend of innovation, design, plants and landscaping – in art form. LivePicture is available in five different sizes and can be filled with plants to match mood, theme, decor or brand.

Choosing different types of plants frees you to experiment artistically with foliage, form, texture and colour.



The LivePicture’s integrated watering system within its frame keeps the plants moist between four to six weeks. Brackets are provided for easy wall installation. The options for LivePicture can be even more dynamic with the choice of frame wrap – perhaps to match or

contrast colour scheme or tie in with an event, theme or corporate brand. Maximum artistic impact, minimum space.


Click HERE for the full Live Picture product guide, including technical information. 



Please note: Plants are not included.


See our comprehensive guide to the best plants for indoor living walls.



  Benefits of Live Picture

   - Exchangeable cassettes 

   - Water Supply for 4 to 6 weeks

  - Integrated watering system

  - No electricity or pump required

  - Quick and easy installation 

  - Water level indicators

  - Can be personalised

  - Exchangable frame

  - Modern design 

  - Improves the room's acoustics

  - Contributes to a healthy indoor environment through the production of oxygen 

     and fine dust capture.









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