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Large Wooden Tree Planter Made of Larch (80 x 80 x 70cm)

Garden Products » » Large Wooden Tree Planter Made of Larch (80 x 80 x 70cm)

£364.00 PLEASE NOTE: Planters are made to order with 10 working days lead time.

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Large Wooden Square Planter made of Larch

Tough, durable, aesthetically beautiful Larch planters suitable for small trees. 

A beautiful square planter sure to create a talking point in any venue it graces. Wooden planters blend seamlessly in any outdoor setting.

  • Designed and handmade in the UK for superior quality
  • Made from the finest larch sources from sustainably managed forests in the UK
  • Come fully assembled, as in the recent photographs of our larch planters
  • Impressive stability, with no distortion over time
  • Low maintenance. No need for annual re-varnishing or applying preservatives


The following properties are responsible for its durability

  • High Density and Large Content of Heartwood, which is denser, less permeable, and more durable than the surrounding sapwood
  • The structural properties of Larch are far superior to treated pine and are far better than any other available softwood.
  • Larch is, in fact, the hardest softwood around
  • Unlike Cedar, Pine, and Redwood, Larch does not require you to apply a wood preservative or paint layer to survive the outdoor elements, which with other woods, requires re-applying yearly. None of this tiresome task is required for Larch planters


Commercial Quality

All of our Larch planters are produced to the highest commercial quality.

They can be distinguished from cheaper retail wooden planters, not only because they are made from Larch, but also the side panel thickness (4.5cm). This is in contrast to the much thinner panels used in the construction of most domestic planters.


For a professional finish, and to prevent water ingress, they are constructed with picture frame standard mitred joints. This ensures that our planters have a professional finish. Larch produces a natural preservative and needs no further treatment, unless staining is desired.

Please Note: There are No Toxic Preservatives in our larch planters.

All sizes are made to a high commercial standard with 4.5cm thick panels and mitred corners. 


Staining Options (Please call 01752 822782 to add staining to your order)


We provide an eco-friendly staining service in a range of earthy, natural tones for an additional charge of £50 per planter.

If no staining is required, select "Natural" from the list of options. 

Here are the staining colour options that we provide:

wooden planters

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