Natural Instant Privacy Screening

Instant Natural Screening
living ivy screens
green screening


The natural instant low maintenance system for secure privacy screening


Do you need privacy away from the neighbours? Or hide an ugly view?

Turn your outdoor space into an elegant hideaway so you can relax and enjoy quality time in your
garden, without a neighbour's face in sight!

Living Green Screens provide instant low maintenance garden screening giving a decent amount of privacy whilst still letting in sunlight and a warm summer's breeze.

Pre-grown ivy and green screens for an instant privacy, security and greening solution. 

Being ultra slim they have all the benefits of an instant hedge without intruding on your garden space. 

We install high quality Mobilane Ivy and other species of Green Screens that are grown and nurtured in a controlled environment and develop as densely woven ivy into a galvanised mesh.




Most screens are standard size
120cm wide x 180cm high

Hedera helix Woerner is available in a range of heights
for more flexible screening solutions:
ie. 120cm wide x
100, 180, 200, 220 and 300cm high

Other species are available at
120cm wide x 100cm high
and 120cm wide x 155cm high


Benefits of Green Screens

Instant Privacy Garden Screening

Ultra Slim for Small Gardens & Balconies

Tough Security Barrier

Low Maintenance

Pollution Barrier

Installation Guides

<ROC_IMG_214004_1 _ALT>
Installation of Living Screens directly into the Ground
<ROC_IMG_214005_1 _ALT>
Installation of Living Screens in our specialist troughs
<ROC_IMG_214006_1 _ALT>
Guide to Selecting Posts and Brackets
Living Ivy screens

Wooden Planters Made of Larch for Living Green Screens

Privacy screening when planting is not possible. 

When planting in the ground is not possible the green screens can be planted in our commercial quality, moveable wooden larch troughs.

Our Large Wood Trough Planters are made by local UK craftsmen to order.

Designed to specifically support our living screens.

Bespoke option available to ensure that any length can be screened

The commercial quality and side panel thickness and mitred joints, ensures that our planters have a professional finish.

Natural Larch preservatives ensures long life. Hence guaranteed for 5 years, with expected life of 10 to 15 years plus.

Made from hand selected Larch from sustainably managed woodlands

Coloured eco-friendly staining option is available

Why not grow other plants with your living screens, such as veg and decorative plants, including other climbers in our wider raised bed veg screening planters, or well as about our bespoke larch planter service

 Additional Benefits of Living Screens

- Instant natural secure privacy.

- Provided by living plants grown on an extremely robust and rigid 5mm galvanized welded mesh steel security fence.

- Completely confounds and deters potential intruders.

- Effective pollution barriers for improved air quality. 

- A reduction of toxic nitrous oxides from car fumes by 30% and
up to 60% reduction in PM10 particulate pollution by using Ivy screens

- Can be easily maintained to not grow above the designated height.

- Ideal for building cladding and graffiti prevention.

- Ideal for regeneration schemes and Sustainable Suburbia.

- Very low maintenance 

- Favoured over boundary walls by Local Planning Authorities to facilitate water movement, impeded by wall foundations. This is becoming more significant for planning permission.

- In addition to keeping intruders out, it is a cost effective and aesthetic means of keeping children and pets safely within your property boundary. 

Larch Wooden Planters

Instant Living Screens

Green Screening Options »

Hedera helix Goldchild

Hedera helix Goldchild

Hedera Helix Woerner

Hedera Helix Woerner

Hedera helix green ripple

Hedera helix green ripple

Hedera helix White ripple

Hedera helix White ripple

Euonymus fortuneii

Euonymus fortuneii

Carpinus betulus

Carpinus betulus

Pyracantha Dart's Red

Pyracantha Dart's Red

Trachelospernum jasminoides

Trachelospernum jasminoides

Hedera helix Hibernica

Hedera helix Hibernica

Hedera helix Glacier

Hedera helix Glacier

Green Powder Coated Steel Posts

Green Powder Coated Steel Posts

Wooden Posts for Living Green Screens

Wooden Posts for Living Green Screens

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