Wooden Planters Made of Larch

wooden larch planters

Wooden Troughs and Square Planters made of Larch 

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instant living screens

Wooden Troughs for Green Screens made of Larchn

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veg planters

Vegetable Planters and Bespoke Wooden Larch Planters

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Uniquely Designed Larch Planter Benches

Whether you want to enjoy a cup of tea with your loved ones while watching the sun go down, or cosy up with a book on a sunny afternoon, our wooden planter benches are designed with quality of life  in mind.

They have comfortable seating for two and with an integral planter boxes at either end, they create a perfect home for your favourite plants. 

By enabling you to be literally immersed and surrounded by foliage and flowers, our bench planters will enhance your sense of wellbeing. 


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wooden planter bench
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