Balcony Planters for Railings

Railing Balcony Planters

Maximise on precious balcony space with our range of self watering railing planters and balcony hanging planters. 


Lechuza BALCONERA Color

Bring your balcony or windowsill to life!  Look forward to enjoying thriving, flourishing plants, even at the hottest times of the year thanks to the miracle of self watering systems. 

Lechuza BALCONERA Stone

The classic balcony box is also available in this trendy surface structure with the natural and modern flair that spreads a rustic charm outdoors. 

Lechuza BALCONERA Cottage

Beautiful rattan finish. Brings balcony dreams to life! Attach BALCONERA to railings or walls and place the potted liners into the planter. That’s it!
balcony design ideas

Lechuza TRIO Trough Planters

Create a mini garden or privacy screens in an instant with these space saving, self watering troughs.
balcony garden design

Wooden Larch Planters

Beautiful wooden planters handmade from the best quality Larch. 
balcony design ideas

Polystone Trough Planters

An alternative resilient trough planter that we use in our own balcony design work.
balcony design ideas

Need some balcony design ideas and inspirations?

Check out our balcony themes and designs that will make the most of your outdoor space.
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