Natural Low Screening Options

Screening Height with Instant living screens in troughs


Most of the evergreen species of living screens are available at 1.8m high.

As the standard troughs are 45cm high, the total screening height is 2.25m.


privacy screening



For lower screening we can supply Hedera helix Woerner, and Euonymus at 100cm high. With the 45cm high trough the screening height is 145cm.


privacy screening

An alternative for an intermediate height is to use the 100cm high screen with a bespoke taller planter up to 65cm high to suit your screening requirement.


If a height between the two options is required, we usually supply the 180 cm screens, which can be cut down by yourself, or the installation team on site using bolt cutters. They can be lowered in multiples of 25cm, which is the height of a single grid unit of the screen.


Finally there are 2 instant screening species, Hornbeam and Pyracantha available at 155cm. (Click HERE for further details With the standard trough this will provide a final screening height of 200cm.


Trough Planters with Additional Trellis Sections



As the bespoke troughs are 132cm long, if the length of screening is not divisible by 1.35, we can make one of the troughs extra long to provide a total length to match your exact requirements. In the space either side of the living screen, we produce  trellis sections, and provide additional climbers for the trellis sections.

This is not only functional, but also provides and additional interest to the screened area, particularly if a flowering species in planted.


Larch troughs with extra long middle section with additional trellis sections

garden privacy

After planting, including the extra long central with trellis planter



Living Screens in Pot Planters

garden privacy

Photinia Rouge and Eleagnus on a powder coated frame grown in pot planters.


In this option the screens on powder coated frames are grown in pots.

The most suited planters for this option is either cube Larch planters, or for a more contemporary look our Cube self watering contemporary planters, as shown below.

The self watering planters, include an integral water reservoir, making them particularly suited to Balcony and Terrace gardens, which often experience harsh drying conditions.

For more details of our contemporary self-watering planter range, Click HERE


The cube planters, suited for the pot grown screens are shown below.


They are available in both a weave and smooth finish, in a range of colours.


Click HERE for more details and to buy


Option 4 – Lightweight self-watering contemporary planters with trellis


Use of trellis to support Ivy for screening

Weight is always an issue for Roof and Balcony themes. This usually excludes the use of troughs.

We can now offer self-watering troughs made of the same light-weight, and robust materials used in the other contemporary range.


Self watering troughs with bamboo species


As with all our Lechuza planters, the Balcony Trio Trough features the unique internal Self-Watering System that ensures that the plants withdraw the exact amount of water to maintain optimum growth, as well as also ensuring that the planters have a reservoir of water for periods when you are away.

Another unique feature of the Trio trough planter is that the planting area is constructed of 3 separate liners, enabling ease of planting and permits regular changing of your plants to keep a fresh roof garden or balcony theme.



Alternative – Bamboo in Larch Planters

For situations where plant height is required, such as for privacy screening or growing your own climbing fruit and vegetables, there is a bespoke trellis available to easily fix to the 100cm and 130cm troughs.


The Balcony troughs come in two sizes: 100 x 30 x 30cm   and   130 x 40 x 40cm

(Both sizes are available with a pedestal, as shown above)


The Balcony Trio Trough is available 3 colours as shown below)





Each planter is equipped with the proven sub-irrigation system that will supply your plants with the exact amounts of water and minerals to support optimum growth and plant health.



Advantages of Self Watering Systems

  • ·         Reduces watering frequency - Once the system has become established, just fill up the water reservoir and your plant will become self sufficient!
  • ·         Prevents over/under watering - The integrated water level indicator will tell you reliably when it is time to refill the reservoir.
  • ·         Gives plants just the right amounts of water and nutrients they need for optimal growth.

·         Drives harmful salts away from the roots to the surface

·         No need for mains/water supply



Click HERE for more details and to buy


Evergreen screening plants in narrow self-watering barrier planters.

Ideal if you have limited space.


As with all our Lechuza range, the Cararo include an internal self watering system, which provides the optimum growing conditions for balcony plants (See later)



Example of a low screening species in Pre-grown troughs and Hedgbags


For instant screening we can supply pre-grown 1 meter long units ready to plant directly into our Larch and GRP (Fibreglass planters).

Box hedge trough in Urban Slate stained larch balcony planter.

Photinia Hedge trough in Fresh Rosemary stained larch balcony planter

Examples of evergreen species are shown below. Please call us for our full range of recommended options:

Buxus (Box)


Portuguese Laurel


Ilex crenata



Mixed species low screening in Self Watering Planters


If you want to create a more interesting screening solution, our design service can offer you a whole range of themes, based on our vast experience of creating terrace and roof gardens. Please request our specialist Balcony, terrace and roof garden pdf)

Mixed species low screening in Bespoke GRP Barrier Planters

privacy screening

Combination of Planting themes, such as box balls and trailing Ivy




Use of hardy exotics for low balcony screening


There are a number of hardy exotics that can be used with our narrow larch and GRP planters,

such as the one shown here called Phormium.   


Low screening with Hanging Balcony planters

(Self watering Balconera)


This option is often chosen, in combination with the previous Balcony troughs

can   produce an interesting combined screening effect.


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