Lechuza PILA Self Watering Planters

Lechuza PILA Stackable, Space-Saving Planters

The brand-new PILA collection is a contempory, stackable combination of stylish planters and storage modules, ideal for situations where space is limited. 
Self Watering Planter
Self Watering Planter
self watering planter
Self Watering Planter
PILA Color Stick
Perfect for Growing Herbs and Strawberries
Self Watering Planter
PILA Color Planter
Perfect for larger, more mature plants
Self Watering Planter
PILA Color Storage
Modular, space-saving storage unit 
Self Watering Planter

PILA Coaster

The coaster is flexible and makes the PILA modules mobile.

It is practical and fits exactly under the individual modules.
  • mobile in every direction
  • with sturdy rollers
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