Lechuza PILA Self Watering Planters

Lechuza PILA Stackable, Space-Saving Planters

The brand-new PILA collection is a contempory, stackable combination of stylish planters and storage modules, ideal for situations where space is limited. 
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self watering planter
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PILA Color Stick
Perfect for Growing Herbs and Strawberries
<ROC_IMG_211005_1 _ALT>
PILA Color Planter
Perfect for larger, more mature plants
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PILA Color Storage
Modular, space-saving storage unit 
Self Watering Planter

PILA Coaster

The coaster is flexible and makes the PILA modules mobile.

It is practical and fits exactly under the individual modules.
  • mobile in every direction
  • with sturdy rollers

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