Self Watering Grow You Own Pots and Planters

Tree Planter

Grow Your Own in the City

Even in small space gardens, you can still benefit from grow your own in the city. 

A window, balcony, patio, deck, or roof receiving six or more hours of sun is all you need, in addition to a few containers.

Lechuza self watering planters are ideal partners for growing vegetables, herbs or snack fruit and their natural stone look makes them perfect for modern city balconies or roof terraces.

With just a few steps your city balcony can be transformed into a mini garden.

There's a matching plant pot for even the smallest space that not only aesthetically pleasing, the self watering system supplies your plants with the optimum amount of water they need for maximum growth. 

Lechuza 'Grow Your Own' Self Watering Pot and Planters

vegetable planter
Salad and herbs as well as cocktail tomatoes or radishes feel right at home in the BALCONERA balcony box. The holders ensure a strong hold and can be expanded with an extender if the bars are spaced far apart.
herb garden planter
Lechuza CUBE Colour is perfect for growing fresh herbs on your windowsill.
The self watering sytem takes care of your plants so they grow back again and again. 
herb garden planter
The Lechuza CUBE Colour Triple keeps herbs fresher for longer. 
No need to repot: Insert the wick in the original pot and your plant can look after its own water requirements.
grow your own

Vertical Gardening with Lechuza CASCADA

A great option for vertical gardening.

Particulalry ideal for people with limited space, including balconies, terraces and courtyards thanks to its space saving stackable design. 

The design is modular, so you can stack up to three planters to form a vertical garden tower.

It’s perfect for layers of fresh herbsand for growing strawberries or tomatoes. 

Conveniently includes a matching easy to lift out liner that makes it simple to change plants, repot, trim roots, and rinse the leaves. 

The self watering system takes care of your plants watering needs so you don't have. 


Grow Vegetables and Fruit in Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets make a fun, attractive container for growing vegetables, herbs or fruit. You don’t even need a garden!


They are ideal for growing strawberry, tomato and other trailing plants. 
hanging baskets
self watering planter

Lechuza OJO: The Self Watering Herb Pot for Children

  • Teaches children how food is grown and how to do the same in their own homes

  • Encourages healthy eating

  • Teaches children about sustainable living

self watering herb planter

Lechuza DELTINI: Perfect for growing fresh herbs, peppers and chillies

This clever self watering herb planter is the easiest way to grow fresh herbs indoors.

There's no need to repot plants: Simply push the wick irrigation system into the drainage hole in the base of the grow pot and then place the pot directly into the planter. 

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