Living walls

We are a team of botanical specialists and landscapers who are passionate about biophilic design (design that focuses on human's innate attraction to nature and natural processes) to transform our urban environments into greener, healthier places.

We specialise in:
- Biophilic Design, commercial and domestic
- Living Walls
- Roof gardens and Green Roofs
- Privacy Screening
- Natural Pollution barriers
- Natural Security and Privacy Screening
- Urban courtyard & Balcony transformation
- Mediterranean gardens
- Tropical gardens

East of Eden Plants is headed by award winning Biologist/Designer Peter Belton with over 30 years of commercial and educational experience in applied Botany and Ecology.

If you are struggling with the issues that an urban landscape can bring, such as air pollution, privacy issues and lack of space for biodiversity; let me help your home or business become greener, cleaner and a happier place to be.

By combining an understanding of botanical science, ecological balance and unique architectural design, I have helped many realise their vision through the creation of vertical gardens, in a broad range of interior and exterior settings:

- Residential
- Office
- Hotels
- Commercial
- Government

Our ultimate ambition is to promote the benefits of Biophilic Design and the scientifically proven benefits it can have on our physical and mental wellbeing. 
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