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Vertical garden

Living Walls: Connecting with Nature in an Urban Setting

Living walls, also known as vertical gardens and green walls, are becoming increasingly popular ways for developers to create room for nature in urban buildings. There’s no denying the impact they make with all of that green lushness cascading down vertically.

A veritable jungle of living, breathing life-enhancing richness. Numerous studies link exposure to nature with improved wellbeing and contribute to a more relaxed atmosphere.

Living walls are now widely recognised as providing key solutions to air quality problems. As well as providing cleaner air and health benefits, living walls also improve biodiversity if installed outside and create a real visual impact.

The living wall acts as a cooling system that maintains comfortable interior temperatures.

Not sure which plants work best in vertical planting? Check out our guide to the best plants for living walls
Best Plants for Living Walls

Our Range of Living Wall and Vertical Garden Systems

We are able to supply living wall systems that can be fixed to almost any vertical surface as well as free standing living walls that act as natural dividers. 

For those who desire a burst of living, breathing lushness, we can now supply self-contained living wall art in the form of Live Pictures. 

See below for options. 
vertical living walls

East of Eden Living Walls

Modular Self-watering living wall system
to enhance almost any vertical surface. 
vertical living walls

Live Dividers

Free standing, self-watering living wall dividers. Ideal for natural sectioning and partitioning. 
Living Wall

Living Wall Art 

The living plant wall frame system with integrated easy watering system.

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