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<a href='/blog/how-to-protect-plants-from-frost-damage'>How to Protect Plants from Frost Damage</a>
Protect Your Plants From Frost Damage               The recent cold spell has caused a lot of damage. Magnolia blossom, thriving before, is now looking weary.   Unfortunately, the damage is irreparable but there are lots of effective ways we can protect plants from future frost damage:   In general, if you get non-hardy plants in before May you’ll need to protect them from frost in a greenhouse or ...
<a href='/blog/help-save-our-threatened-peatlands-this-easter'>Help save our threatened Peatlands this Easter</a>
  This Easter weekend will see the busiest gardening frenzy of the year. This is great for your wellbeing, but remember that when you buy your compost, that is certainly not good the wellbeing of our rapidly disappearing Peatlands.       The use of peat for growing plants is a mainstay of British horticulture. But unless alternatives are found quickly, the country's dwindling peat bogs could disappear altogether. Read more ...
<a href='/blog/kew-gardens-and-east-of-eden-plants-lead-the-way-towards-waterwise-gardening-in-a-changing-climate'>Kew Gardens and East of Eden Plants Lead the way towards Waterwise Gardening in a Changing Climate</a>
  As the dawn broke with our vehicles full of exotic dry loving palms and other drought-resistant Mediterranean species, I truly felt the spirit of Robert Fortune and other great plant hunters looking over my shoulder as we met the Kew Gardens in-house designer and the landscaping team about to embark on the creation of a major summer exhibit entitled ‘A Coastal Mediterranean ...
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