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<a href='/blog/kew-gardens-and-east-of-eden-plants-lead-the-way-towards-waterwise-gardening-in-a-changing-climate'>Kew Gardens and East of Eden Plants Lead the way towards Waterwise Gardening in a Changing Climate</a>

Kew Gardens and East of Eden Plants Lead the way towards Waterwise Gardening in a Changing Climate

14 Mar 2020 20:00:00 Peter - Full article...
  As the dawn broke with our vehicles full of exotic dry loving palms and other drought-resistant Mediterranean species, I truly felt the spirit of Robert Fortune and other great plant hunters looking over my shoulder as we met the Kew Gardens in-house designer and the landscaping team about to embark on the creation of a major summer exhibit entitled ‘A Coastal Mediterranean
<a href='/blog/how-to-plant-and-care-for-pleached-trees'>How to Plant and Care for Pleached Trees</a>

How to Plant and Care for Pleached Trees

19 Feb 2020 12:00:00 Peter - Full article...
    Screening off the neighbours is the most common reason why our clients need pleached trees installed. As well as being very elegant, they are effective at screening above a fence or hedge to block off overlooking houses.   However, gardeners can be put off by their unusual staking requirements. Don't let that put you off, here's your one-stop guide!   This article focuses on the specific challenges that planting pleached trees present
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