How to Protect Plants from Frost Damage

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Protect Your Plants From Frost Damage



frost damage plants






The recent cold spell has caused a lot of damage. Magnolia blossom, thriving before, is now looking weary.


Unfortunately, the damage is irreparable but there are lots of effective ways we can protect plants from future frost damage:


  • In general, if you get non-hardy plants in before May you’ll need to protect them from frost in a greenhouse or conservatory. This includes petunias, begonias, pelargoniums and all other sensitive summer plants. They are vulnerable to cold weather damage before May.


  • The best way to protect any non-hardy plants you already have is in a heated greenhouse. If this is not possible then make sure you cover your non-hardy plants with garden fleece every night and remove it each morning.



frost damage plants



  • Avoid removing any frost damaged shoots or dead flowers. Dead camellias can be removed, but make sure you leave any damaged shrubs as they make still recover.



  • Wisterias and lilacs have been budding earlier than usual due to an exceptionally warm March. Protect buds at night with garden fleece should another cold spell occur.



  • Try not to panic over any losses. Even if the plant looks dead, the roots may still be alive and many will recover when spring returns to normal.
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