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Instant Living Ivy Screens

Instant Green Screening


Living Walls, Live Dividers and Living Wall Art

rain garden SuDS planters

Rain Garden SuDS Planters 

larch wooden planters

Commercial Larch Planters

Large Tree Planters

corten planters

Complete Range of Commercial Planters

RootGrow Professional - Natures Mychorrhizal Fertilizer
pressurised water carts

 Pressurised Mobile Water Carts


 Lechuza Self Watering Planters

Barrier planters
Commercial Quality Barrier Planters 

Rain Garden (SuDS) Planters to Control Rain Water Run-Off


A Sustainable Way to Manage Rainwater Run-Off from Commercial and Domestic Roofs

Our rain garden Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) planters are supplied fully assembled and ready to install into your drainage system. 

They are supplied lined, with the complete internal drainage system fitted, including screened overflow and drainage pipe outlet ready to fit into your site drainage system.

Drainage support pipes supported by specialist, light-weight leca granules. The whole SuDS system is then covered with geotextile membrane to keep it separate from the compost. 

As featured in:
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rain garden SuDS planters
Barrier planters

Outdoor Café Barriers & Planter Boxes for the UK's Best Eateries


Our unique café barriers are hugely popular with the Pavement cafe market. Perfect to utilise every inch of seating space, deliniate your property area and protect your customers from wind. 


The favorite of the designers. These rectangular-shaped barrier planters are the perfect solution for lining the sides and corners in an existing design.


They are also a great alternative to fencing or screening for privacy. 


Can be used as frontages and in a walkways giving that pleasant feeling of a green surround without obstructing the view. They can also be used for creating separate areas and borders for outdoor spaces. When used as a barrier for traffic they provide protection becoming a visual barrier with shrubs without sacrificing the look.



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