Sustainable Larch Al Fresco Commercial Furniture & Planters

Enhancing Urban Spaces 


The trend towards outdoor living and working is gaining prominence, resulted in many people from students to office workers to choose to relocate to a healthier  outoutdoor space. As working from home becomes our ‘new normal’ it is conceivable that office workers will hot desk both inside and out.

Our street furniture designs can serve many purposes and can be used as tables, or gathering spaces. They can provide the perfect modern area for university students and staff to work. They can be big enough to hold small outdoor meetings or work on group projects outdoors.

Our range of street furniture elevates any outdoor space and we work with a wide range of sectors including education, construction, public realm, leisure, tourism and healthcare.

We’re extremely proud of our outdoor Larch benches and seating, offering modern and traditional designs to suit every location. Warm, inviting and comfortable, our external seating brings people together and transforms outdoor areas into community social spaces.

large wooden planters
wooden street furniture
wooden street furniture
wooden street furniture
large wooden planters

Sustainable Designed Commercial Furniture

Sustainable design is an itegral part of our design process.

Choosing the correct materials is vital when designing and specifying outdoor furniture. In light of our current global climate emergency, the process has become more important than ever. We select materials that balance aesthetics, durability and sustainability that the environment quite rightly demands to be considered.

Every piece of our street furniture is handcrafted in the UK (no mass production) from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified Larch, harvested from responsibly managed UK woodlands.

We can adapt our existing products to suit your needs or we can design and build something entirely new. Our objective is to design what you want and build it in a way that will last.

Our Larch is easy to work with and install resulting in a more sustainable installation process that is quicker and more energy efficient.

All of our products are designed to last and require little maintenance, which is not only financially advantageous but also supports eco-efficiency.  

Larch Planters

Our mission is to make cities healthier and happier places to live, and hope to become part of a wider societal trend towards embracing plants to promote creativity and wellbeing. 

We fabricate a range of high-quality Larch planters that will bring the beauty of nature into your outdoor space elevating your surroundings with stunning greenery.

A series of strategically positioned planters can be used to divide spaces, create walkways and control traffic flow. Planters can be installed in a wide range of locations, to bring vibrancy and life to dull spaces.

Custom made planters can also be used to generate and define appealing customer spaces for businesses which is a simple way to introduce greenery to any landscape.

Find Out More About Our Larch Planters 

sustainable street furniture
large wooden planters
large wooden planters
large wooden planters
large wooden planters

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