Instant Living Green Screen Case Studies

We've been installing living green screens for many years now and we are so impressed with the results they have yielded. The one thing we've learnt is how extremely versatile they are with multiple uses from creating instant natural privacy to camouflaging eyesores to demarcation to pollution barriers. 
privacy screening

Eyesore No More!

Many of our clients want to look at something more attractive and hide something ugly in their outdoor space. 
privacy screening

Perfect Privacy Sceening

We are so impressed with how seemlessly living green screens transform outdoor spaces into private, peaceful retreats. 
privacy screening

Outdoor Seating Demarcation 

We been busy enhancing commercial exterior space, improving its functionality and attractively sectioning off seating areas whilst directing traffic flow, allowing our clients to create a welcoming and appealing dining area.
pollution barrier

Project: Living Green Screens as Effective Pollution Barriers

Living green screens are becoming an increasingly popular solution to roadside air pollution. 

In particular, many primary schools situated on main roads in the most polluted areas of busy cities needed a solution to harmful levels of air pollution in playgrounds wanted to create a healthier, greener environment for it's pupils.

Living Greens Screens have proven particularly effective when placed along highly polluted streets with buildings on both sides (street canyons), where the air pollution is higher at street level than the area above the surrounding buildings.


Pollution Barrier Projects

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