No More Nosey Neighbours!

Perfect Garden Privacy Screening with Living Green Screens

Our clients wanted an attractive solution to ensure a bit more seclusion and our living green screens in wooden troughs were a great way to easily achieve this.

Our living green screens created an attractive natual privacy fence. Planting in the ground was not possible, so we installed the screens in wooden Larch troughs made specifically to contain and support our screens. 



Hide and Seek!

Many of our clients have expressed a desire to simply "disappear" in their gardens and don't want to be found. 

Here's an excellent example showing living screens transforming this garden into a secret, secluded space. 
privacy screening
privacy screening
privacy screening

Privacy Screening for a Biophilic Balcony Lifestyle

Many clients in the past have said that privacy is a big barrier to enjoying their balcony, and it’s completely understandable.

Here we have two excellent examples showing how living screens provide an ideal solution to create invaluable privacy for life in
balcony apartments.

Planted in our specialist sustainable Larch Planters or GRP contemporary troughs, living screens
enable you to enjoy the recognised wellbeing benefits of plants, with very effective natural screening within a Biophilic Living Space.

privacy balcony screening
privacy screening
privacy screening

Privacy Screening for al fresco dining outside 

Our client wanted to develop and refresh their alfresco pavement space, as well as shield their customers from the elements. 

Additionally, in these times, they needed to create outdoor hospitality spaces, which complied with social distancing regulations to keep their clients and employees safe, whilst enabling trading to continue.

Living green screens in their wooden Larch troughs were ideal for creating and enclosing areas of al fresco dining. Not only did they extend seating cover, they also enhanced high street frontage and helped to enforce social distancing. 
privacy screening
privacy screening
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