Plant Care and Planting Guides

Container Gardening 

Here is everything you need to know about container gardening.

Container gardening is ideal for those with small space gardens, balconies or patios and offers you flexible growing opportunities.

Find out how to create the best possible conditions for plants growing in pots and containers.
Container Gardening Guides

Planting with a Purpose

This section of guides will show you how to plant strategically to achieve a certain purpose, for example, natual privacy screening, connecting a building's occupants to the natural environment (biophilic design) or attracting more pollinating insects to your garden. 
Strategic Planting Guides
privacy screening

Tree, Shrub and other Evergreen Care Guides

Here are our expert tips to keep the trees and shrubs in your landscape happy and healthy. 

Once you know the the principles of pruning, watering, feeding, location and best soil types, it is easier than you think to grow shrubs and trees and it will really improve their performance.
Tree, Shrub & other Evergreen Care Guides

Caring for Indoor Plants 

Indoor gardening opens up new opportunities for exotic or tender plants, and research suggests that plants can bring many health benefits.

No matter what plants you have in your collection, they all have similar basic needs. Here's everything you need to know to keep them happy and thriving. 
Indoor Gardening Guides
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