Planting with a Purpose Ideas

Garden Privacy Screening Ideas 


Block your neighbours' view in a subtle yet effective way using simple and

economical garden privacy screening ideas for a stylish and more intimate

outdoor space.

Natural Screening Ideas

How Biophilic Design can have a Major Positive Impact on the Health and Wellbeing of a Building's Occupants

If you haven't heard the term "biophilic design" yet, it'll soon be tripping off your tongue. 

Biophilic design is set to be one of the most valuable design trends in recent years.

We have never needed the healing powers of nature more than now, and it's exactly this that biophilic design seeks to harness in our homes and working spaces. 

If you'd like to learnore, click the button below. 
Biophic Design 

Low Privacy Screening Ideas

Block your neighbours' view in a subtle yet effective way using clever low garden privacy screening ideas for a stylish and secluded outdoor space.
Low Privacy Screening Ideas

Screening Above a Fence with Pleached Trees


Screening off the neighbours is the most common reason why our clients need pleached trees installed.

As well as being very elegant, they  are effective at screening above a fence or hedge to block off overlooking houses.


However, gardeners can be put off by their unusual staking requirements.

Don't let that put you off, here's your one-stop guide

Pleached Trees Guide

Using Plants as an Effective Pollution Barrier

Air pollution is a momentous global issue, the greatest environmental hazard to human health. 

Vegetation can be utilised to form a pollution barrier, limiting the exposure of pedestrians to air pollution.
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How Do I Plant an Instant Hedge?

Planting instant hedging is quick and simple. There’s no need to worry about calculating how many plants you need per metre as they have already been spaced out for you.

Simply buy one 1m unit for every metre of hedge you require. Instant hedges will require two people to lift.

Click below and follow our simple planting instructions.
Instant Hedge Planting Guide
yew hedge

How to Care for Yew (Taxus Baccata)

Here is everything you need to know about growing Yew in our detailed growing guide. 

In gardens it's usually used for hedging – it makes a dense, formal, hedging or topiary plant.

As a hedge, yew provides the perfect, dark green backdrop for other colourful plants. Its dense growth make it ideal for nesting birds and its berries provide food for birds and grey squirrels.
Yew Care and Growing Guide
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