Living Green Screens Project: Pollution Barriers

Living Green Screens have become a popular choice amongst city councils and schools thanks to their remarkable ability to improve air quality
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Living green screens are becoming an increasingly popular solution to roadside air pollution. 

In particular, many primary schools situated on main roads in the most polluted areas of busy cities needed a solution to harmful levels of air pollution in playgrounds wanted to create a healthier, greener environment for it's pupils.

Living Green Screens have been used around the perimeter of a playground to help absorb PM10 particulates.

PM10 particles consist of a mixture of particle solids and droplets that are less than or equal to 10 micrometers in diameter, so they are so small, that they can easily get into the lungs. Most PM10 particles around our schools are from traffic emissions.


Pollution Barriers for Cleaner City Air


Living Greens Screens have proven particularly effective when placed on highly polluted streets with buildings on both sides (street canyons), where the air pollution
is higher at street level than the area above the surrounding buildings.

This has made them ideal for use in street planting schemes, forming a roadside barrier for highly localised protection from polluted air.

This was demonstrated by one study by King’s College London that found levels of NO2 reduced by 23 per cent when green screens were placed between a busy road and a school playground.

pollution barrier
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