Using Plants in Planters as Social Distancing Barriers

social distancing barrier

Social Distancing Barriers with Plants


The Cararo by Lechuza moveable barrier planter provides a cost effective solution to create a safe working space in indoor and outdoor environments.

With their elegant design and finish, they are also ideal as biophilic protective barriers to reduce the spread of germs and to enforce social distancing, whilst providing the other benefits of plants, including air purification and a sense of wellbeing.

As a living green barrier, the large planter is perfect for segreating, zoning and visually structuring indoor and outdoor spaces. 

The large planting volume they will support the healthy growth of dense and tall screening planting.


social distancing barrier

Movable Barrier Planters that support Social Distancing

Thanks to the rollers, which are hidden in the base of the planter, the Cararo is a sturdy mobile room divider that allows you to easily redesign and adapt your work and recreational areas and hospitality areas.

As with all of the Lechuza range the Cararo includes the award winning Self-watering planter system, significantly reducing maintenance times. 

self watering barrier planater

Canto Stone Tall Self Watering Barrier Planter 


Size: 79 width x 37 depth x 76 cm high


The perfect way to to delineate a property’s boundary and create instant privacy. 

This tall, elongated self watering planter stylishly defines spaces, divides offices and creates privacy for gardens and terraces.

With a height of over 75 cm and a length of 79cm, CANTO Stone offers effective privacy screening for a homely ambience.

Their narrow design makes them ideal for small areas where space saving is paramont, such as balconies, small space urban gardens and roof gardens. 

With its natural stone look blends seemlessly with most decors, particularly with contemporary architectural styles.

Two CLASSICO 43 coasters easily turn CANTO Stone wide into a mobile wall, allowing it to be used flexibly.



Outdoor Café Barriers & Planter Boxes for the UK's Best Eateries


Our unique café barriers are hugely popular with the Pavement cafe market. Perfect to utilise every inch of seating space, delineate your property area and protect your customers from wind. 


The favorite of the designers. These rectangular-shaped barrier planters are the perfect solution for lining the sides and corners of an existing design.


They are also a great alternative to fencing or screening for privacy. 


Can be used as frontages and in walkways giving that pleasant feeling of a green surround without obstructing the view.

They can also be used for creating separate areas and borders for outdoor spaces. 

When used as a barrier for traffic they provide protection becoming a visual barrier with shrubs without sacrificing the look.

barrier planters

Green Living Barrier Dividers for Privacy and Safe Distancing


Living Green Screens create clear social distancing markers in outdoor space,
such as beer gardens, al fresco dining areas and outdoor street cafes. 
Click HERE for more details

Bamboos in Self Watering Trough Planters make very effective Living Barrier Screens
Our Lechuza Trio Trough is perfect for growing bamboos. It is deep enough to allow the roots to spread out, allowing the bamboos to grow into a healthy and dense green screen. 

The integrated self-watering system ensure the bamboos receive the exact amount of water they need to ensure they last and thrive. 

Provides more robust and stable screening for some outdoor situations, but is still light enough to move indoors or to change the size and location.
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*Living Screens for Effective Social Distancing

Natural Social Distancing Barrier Screens

social distancing screens

Incorporate Living Screens for Social Distancing Measures

Our social distancing living screens allow plants to be used creatively to section and
segregate areas to aid safe social distancing.

Planted in our moveable Larch Planters enables provides adaptable screening for different social gatherings

Living Green Screens create clear social distancing markers in outdoor space,
such as beer gardens, al fresco dining areas and outdoor street cafes. 

Being screens they have a narrow profile minimising space usage and can
be planted in our moveable larch planters on rollers and can be easily used to incorportate socially
distanced sectioning. 

Being moveable, they can be easily be stored away at night for temporary settings. The strong  casters come complete with a  braking mechanism to ensure they stay stationary. 
social distancing barrier 1
social distancing barrier 2
social distancing barrier 4
social distancing barrier planter
social distancing barrier planter
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