Mobile Watering Carts - H20 2GO Watering Carts

watering  cart

Portable Pressurised Watering Carts

A water cart on wheels! No leads, no trailing hosepipes. Delivers pressurised water to your plants.
The problem with trailing hosepipes is that they are a potential tripping hazard, particularly where customers are browsing and carrying baskets.

What's more, a burst hosepipe spraying water, might amuse children, but will not be as appreciated by shoppers.

The large rear wheels and front castor wheels make these mobile watering carts easy to manoeuver in small spaces.

The cart can be filled from a regular mains tap and it works on pressure to deliver water to the plants.

Water is dispensed using a spray gun or interchangeable nozzle. It has no batteries, electrical pump or engine, so is easy to maintain.

Available with a soft or hard cover for extra tough conditions.
watering cart


Say goodbye to tripping over hoses and lugging around heavy watering cans
  • Save time and labour by streamlining the plant watering process. Less time spent refilling buckets/watering cans means you and/or your staff can use their time more effectively.
  • Dying plants do not sell and reflect badly on a business as customers may view it as lack of care. Our carts illustrate a professional level of plant care.
  • Healthy plants appeal to customers – this increases sales and wastage will in turn be significantly reduced.
  • Eliminate the potential of hosepipe tripping accidents.
  • Easily manoeuvrable in tight spaces
  • No pumps or electricity is required, just a mains tap.

watering cart

H20 SLS Model 

Soft Fabric Cover
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watering cart

watering cart

H20 SLH Model

Hard Vinyl Cover
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No Trailing Hoses in Supermarkets

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