Extra Large Planters and Pots for Trees


As used in our our design projects, we now offer a range of large tree planters and other large pots for trees
for use in private, public and commercial projects throughout the UK.

Our latest range of specialist large planters are designed for use with trees and other larger plants.
These are made in a range of
materials and finishes, including :
Larch Wood, Terracotta, Metal, Self Watering Lechuza, GRP /Fibreglass and Stone polymers  

self watering planter

Self Watering Tree Planters

Large tree planters

PolyStone Tree Planters

GRP fibreglass planters

Large GRP / Fibreglass Planters

Large tree planters

Large Terracotta Planters

Large Corten Tree Planters

Large Wooden Larch Planters

Large Corten Tree Planters 

A range of quality corten steel planters including the Corten Square Planters which are perfect for planting trees - beautiful coppery tones add depth and contrast to any tree planting scheme.

They can withstand any amount of soil volume and root growth without distortion or suddenly crackiing and breaking apart.

As they only surface rust to produce the patina, they do not oxidise further and hence have the longest life of all the planter ranges.

Their heavy weight provides a stable bottom heavy planter for the trees, as they grow and prevent the planter blowing over.

Being metal, they have a natural biophilic visual effect.
Corten Tree Planters
corten planters

Olive Tree Planting and Care Guide

Now is the time to start pruning your Olive Trees.

Check out our updated guide to planting, repotting and caring for your Olive Trees.
Olive Tree Care Guide
olive tree planting guide
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