Large Terracotta Tree Planters

Large Terracotta Planters for Trees and Shrubs

We can now offer large terracotta tree planters. 

Terracotta's porous nature allows for air and water to move through the walls, preventing soil disease and root rot. That are also great for colder climates.  The walls of the pots draw the water out of the soil to help the soil dry quicker.
Terracotta planters

Florentine Terracotta Planters

Terracotta planters

Baytree Terracotta Square Planter

Terracotta planter

Terracotta Camelia Pot

Terracotta Egg Pot

Egg Pot Terracotta Planter

Terracotta planters

Terracotta Fresco Trough

Terracotta planters

Terracotta Oval Trough

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Terracotta Terracini Lucretia Planters

<ROC_IMG_214005_1 _ALT>

Terracotta Terracini Olive Jar Planter

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Olive Tree Planting and Care Guide

Now is the time to start pruning your Olive Trees.

Check out our updated guide to planting, repotting and caring for your Olive Trees.

olive tree planting guide

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