The Amazing Benefits of Terracotta Pots and Planters

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Can’t resist the natural look and feel of terracotta pots? Neither can I. 



terracotta planter



One of my favourite things about terracotta is their natural red clay look and that gorgeous patina they develop after a while. Who doesn’t love a good vintage look?


terracotta planter


The patina is actually mineral deposits that are pulled through the walls of the pots. It’s not harmful and can be left or washed off with soap and water.

Terracotta pots have been around for ages and I mean ages, with terracotta pots being found in sites that go as far back as 24,000BC.


Have you ever wondered why these wonderful pieces of clay have been so prolifically used for plants for 1000s of years? 


There are actually some real benefits to plants by using terracotta pots over other materials.


What’s more, now with minimizing our use of plastics in the garden they are anatural earth friendly choice too. They are by far my favourite plant pots, so let’s look into this further.


Amazing Benefits of Terracotta Pots:


  • My plants actually perform better in terracotta pots. These fired clay classics are breathable and porous which is great for plants and prevents soil disease and root rot.Even if I should over-water a bit, the roots don’t drown like they can in plastic pots.


  • Terracotta is ideal in colder climates.  The walls of the pots draw the water out of the soil to help them dry quicker. Their porous nature make any excess water evaporate quickly, preventing waterlogging that can damage the roots of sensitive plants. For this reason, plants from arid climates, like succulents and cacti, do really well in terracotta pots as they won’t tolerate water logging, so excellent drainage is non-negotiable.


  • The way terracotta weathers adds a beautiful patina that just works for me.  So many try to get this with fauxor accelerated finishes, such as applying yoghurt, but they really aren’t necessary.  Terracotta pots will start this process immediately.


terracotta planter


  • The clay for our pots is fired at very high temperatures, giving them exceptional strength. The greater the firing temperature, the more robust and durable the pot will be to survive years of harsh winters.  The high density of the clay, also makes the pots frost resistant.


  • Terracotta pots also slow down the heat transfer between the soil and the outside environment, avoiding a sudden temperature change that can be harmful to the plant.


terracotta planter



Terracotta isn’t the only type of pot I use,but it’s definitely my favourite! Since I live in Cornwall, terracotta helps me to control the long periods of rain and therefore high moisture content inside the pot which helps to prevent fungus in the soil and the bugs that come along with that. 

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