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     Create a Biophilic Green Oasis with

      East of Eden Plant Modular Box Living Walls

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Prices from £76, inc VAT & Free Delivery for a Three Layer PlantBox Living Wall


Why Choose the East of Eden PlantBox Living Wall System

  •   The modular PlantBox is an elegantly clever, yet simple vertical garden, that can be installed with minimal effort
  •    With an integrated self-watering system that will provide your plants with the optimum watering
  •    Never over or under water again.
  •    With the interlocking modular living wall system, the Plantbox trough allows you to easily create a living wall of any size.
  •    Available in modules of the small (3 troughs), a medium (5 troughs) or large with 10 troughs to create a living wal
  •    Combine the modular system for a living wall to cover any area of any interior or exterior space
                                                           (See the Full Plantbox Specifications at bottom of page*)


 Not sure which plants work best in vertical planting? Check out our guide to the best plants for living walls

How many troughs do I need for my East of Eden Living Wall?

 Note: Each trough measures 60cm long x 20cm high (See full
 specifications at the bottom of this page*)


 Step 1 : Measure the length of your living wall area in cm

 Step 2 : Divide the length by 60 to calculate the number of troughs along each row of the living wall (A)

 Step 3 : Measure the height of your living wall area in cm

 Step 4 : Divide the height by 20 to calculate the number of troughs along the height of your living wall (B)

 Step 5 : Using the lower whole number of A and B multiply A x B for the number of  troughs required.


                                      Example of our Salad Living Wall 
                                       Length = 320cm  Height = 165cm
                                              A= 320 / 60 = 5.33 (order 5)
                                              B= 165 / 20 = 8.25 ( order 8)
                                           Number of troughs required
                                                  5 x 8 = 40 troughs


Living Wall

Order Your East of Eden PlantBox Troughs Below

Available in boxed combinations of 3, 5 and 10 troughs

Supply of Best Plants for your

Plantbox Living Wall

Not sure what plants to grow in your living wall?

As well as supplying you with the PlantBox units, we can advise and arrange the supply of pre-selected, eye catching blends of plants, for both interior and outdoor settings, that will grow well in living walls and will create a bold statement with the best selection of green tones all year round.

Contact Us to Discuss your Plant Options

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Bespoke Living Wall Service available

Option 1 - Supply only.  Order as many troughs required to suit your living wall requirements    (minimum order = 3 troughs)

Option 2 - Supply and Installation. Please contact us via our CONTACT FORM

We are able to offer a bespoke living wall service for larger projects and link you to the professional landscaping team that we use for all of our projects.

Whatever the size of your project, East of Eden Plants can provide you with every aspect of your living wall, from concepts, designs, plants delivered to site, as well as a professional installation team and long-term maintenance.

All installations receive our specialist attention, combining expert knowledge and our vast range of interior and exterior design experience.

Please get in touch via our CONTACT FORM with the dimensions of your vertical surface and we will let you know how many PlantBox trough you will need. 
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      Free delivery on all East of Eden PlantBox Orders 

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Unit dimensions   600mm x 200mm x 150mm
Fully loaded weight   70kgs per m2
Base material  100% recycled organic materials 
Trough depth  200mm
Reservoir capacity  1.8L
Pot size  Anything up to 1ltr pots
Design life   10 years
Substrate type  Peat free multi-use compost
Fixings  2 fixings per 600mm height
Nutrient feed  Slow release pellet or liquid
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