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PlantBox Living Wall Troughs - Set of 10

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Create Amazing Self Watering Vertical Gardens - Set of 10 Troughs

Living walls, or vertical gardens, once the domain of designer commercial sites, living walls can now be easily installed in residential gardens and homes. 

Introducing PlantBox. An intelligent, truly low maintenance self-watering living wall system designed for rapid assembly,. Freestanding or wall mounted, this system is designed for residential and commercial settings, from balconies and courtyards to patios and hoardings.

vertical garden living wall

The modular troughs can be rapidly put up by clicking and stacking them together and then easily attached or restrained to almost any verical surface, including courtyard or boundary walls, fence uprights, balcony railings, roof gardens, patios, terraces or conservatory walls.

PlantBox can be used to grow everything from herbaceous perennials, grasses, herbs and even fruit and vegetables can be used. Try including scented plants, seasonal flowers and bulbs,

The PlantBox 10 trough system will enhance any space and make a dramatic effect. Ideal for small spaces where floor space is limited. 

Measuring 120cm across and 1 metre tall, this living wall is impactful no matter the size of your space. Note the troughs can also be clipped on top of each other to create a tall living wall measuring 2m tall and 60cm width. PlantBox vertical gardens are super low maintenance.

Thanks to the inbuilt 1.8 litre water reservoir, your plants will receive the optimum amount of water they need for maximum growth for a week. No daily watering. Eliminates all the guesswork of watering, never over or underwater again. 

There is a water level indicator that shows E = Empty and F= Full letting you know when it's time to refill. 

self watering planter

The integrated internal reservoir and filter ensure that soil does not clog up the water tank. Water is obtained by the plant through a capillary wick that extends into both the water reservoir and planting area.

Each trough measures 60cm x 200cm x 15cm and  stacked together using study clips. Each trough will fit four 1L pot plants and 7L of compost. 

living wall vertical garden


Supplied in kit form for self-assembly.


PlantBox is manufactured in the UK using 100% UK recycled materials, is UV resistant and built to last for years. 

Please note: Plants and wall fixings not included. If you would like to include plants with your living wall please contact us.

Not sure which plants work best in vertical planting? Check out our guide to the best plants for living walls


Unit dimensions 600mm x 200mm x 150mm
Fully loaded weight 70kgs per m2
Base material 100% recycled organic materials
Pot size Anything up to 1ltr pots
Design life +10 years
Substrate type Peat free multi-use compost
Fixings 2 fixings per 600mm height
Nutrient feed Slow release pellet or liquid
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