Creative and bespoke planting solutions for outdoor dining areas

biophilic restaurant

Creating Successful Hospitality Outdoor Dining Spaces

Hospitality Managers come to us for a creative and innovative approach to their exterior landscaping and for a consistent maintenance service. 

Attracting and delighting new guests to your restaurant, bar or pub is a key component of growth strategy for any restaurant today.  Attracting new guests for the first time has a lot to do with the visual appearance of your venue from the outside. With so much competition in the hospitality sector, you need to be able to attract potential customers' attention at a glance. 

Plants play a more important role in this than you might think – if you’re looking to distinguish your business from the competition right now, then integrating more greenery and flowers could be a great move.


See our Bistrot Pierre biophilic transformation
biophilic restaurant


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biophilic restaurant


Plants used as barriers to create a sense of privacy using corten planters and living green screens.

Enhancing the Outdoor Dining Experience


There's nothing like the romance of al fresco dining; guests love it!

Design is one the most important elements of the outdoor dining section of a restaurant.  

From sidewalk cafés to large bars and restaurants, well-designed al fresco dining spaces benefit hospitality managers and customers alike.

Many operators consider outdoor dining space a design imperative. Why? A well-designed outdoor dining area looks welcoming, expresses the brand concept before customers even come inside, allows you to extend your realm increasing seating capacity at a relatively low cost and most importantly, satisfies customers' love for al fresco dining.


biophilic restaurant
boundary plants

Boundary Demarcation 

Boundary demarcation helps to provide guests with a sense of privacy as well as some protection from traffic, pedestrians, and noise.

Our innovative designs, will help your venue become more visible and attract more guests.

We know that barrier planters need to be manufactured from robust material so as not to become damaged, especially if they are moved regularly.

Our bespoke barrier planters are made from commercial quality, sustainable Larch. It is not only aesthetically beautiful but also resistant to decay and has a very high density making them extremely durable.

Large boundary planters can be very heavy, especially when the soil is wet. If they need to be cleared away regularly we can fit them with superior quality castors with braking mechanisms to ensure they do not roll away. 


Create Safe Social Distancing with Plants 

Biophilic Design
socially distanced beer garden

Incorporating Social Distancing Measures

Planting can be used creatively to section and segregate areas to aid safe
social distancing.

Living Green Screens create clear social distancing markers in outdoor space,
such as beer gardens, al fresco dining areas and outdoor street cafes. 

Being screens they have a narrow profile minimising space usage and can
be planted in our larch planters and can be easily used to incorporate socially
distanced sectioning. 

They can also be made with strong casters with a braking mechanism so they
can be moved easily. 
social distancing screens
social distancing screens
social distancing screens
social distancing barrier 1
social distancing barrier 2
social distancing barrier 4
social distancing barrier planter
social distancing barrier planter
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