Hardy Exotic Roof Garden Design with Living Walls

Balcony design
Balcony garden design
Balcony garden design
Balcony garden design
Balcony garden design
Roof garden design

Inner City Roof Terrace and Balcony Case Study

As with many city centre clients, space and privacy are critical factors for a wellbeing lifestyle. In this case study, our client was very keen to benefit from an outdoor space surrounded by plants, as well as maximise his terrace area to relax in, as well as entertain. At the same time, we were requested to provide privacy from the many private properties and surrounding offices that overlook the terrace on all sides.

Like all balconies and terrace situations, great care had to be taken to ensure that the plants selected were not only visually inspirational, provide selective screening, sited to optimise the available space, but could also survive the harsh environmental conditions characteristic of balcony and terrace locations.

Based on our experience with similar situations, we proposed two practical solutions that would meet all the criteria summarised above. Firstly, using our specialist construction team, we created bespoke larch planters and seating around the perimeter of the terrace, spanning the low outer wall. This provided ample space for hardy exotic plants, as well as created a secure barrier that integrated into the low outer wall of the terrace. We also constructed matching larch trough planters around the striking floor window that flooded the dining area below with light. The impact of the lush foliage plants could not only be enjoyed from the terrrace seating area, but also provided an awesome plantscape from the dining area, which was lit up at night for further dramatic effect.

Our second proposal, that was enthusiastically adopted by our client, was the creation of an unusual tryptic living wall on the large uninspiring white wall above the floor window.  As with other living walls that we have created, the tryptic living wall provided an opportunity for extensive exotic planting area, with the minimal loss of precious terrace space. The client was thrilled with final combined Biophilic theme, which created a unique three dimensional verdant effect when combined with the trough planting viewed from the relaxing and entertainment area.  An added bonus was that the whole plant theme could be viewed from the client's other rooms and balcony that overlooked the terrace, which also benefitted from the privacy provided by the perimiter planting in bespoke larch planters.

Balcony design
Balcony design
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