Arbutus unedo: The Strawberry Tree

Strawberry tree

Arbutus unedo (The Strawberry Tree)


The strawberry tree is a beautiful small evergreen tree or shrub that can occasionally reach 9 metres tall and 8 metres wide, though it is usually rather smaller.

A very easily grown and trouble-free plant, it does best in a nutrient-rich well-drained moisture-retentive soil in sun or semi-shade. It also grows well in heavy clay soils and in dry soils.

This species is fairly lime tolerant. When young, it prefers a fairly sheltered position and dislikes cold drying winds. 

It is, however, surprisingly tolerant of strong winds if they are not from the cold northerly and easterly quarters and can succeed in fairly exposed positions near the coast.

An excellent tree to grow in towns because it tolerates industrial pollution.

Arbutus unedo The Strawberry Tree

Exposure: Full sun

Hardiness: Hardy

Soil type: Well-drained/light, Dry

Height: 800cm

Spread: 800cm

Strawberry tree

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