Eriobotrya japonica: Loquat tree

Eriobotrya japonica Loquat tree

Eriobotrya japonica: Loquat tree

Ornamental as well as practical, loquat trees make excellent evergreen lawn specimen trees with whirls of glossy foliage and a naturally attractive shape.

They grow about 25 feet (7.5 m.) tall with a canopy that spreads 15 to 20 feet (4.5 to 6 m.) —a size that is well-suited to home landscapes. Large clusters of attractive fruit stand out against the dark green, tropical-looking foliage and add to the tree’s visual appeal.

Learn more about growing and caring for a loquat tree to see if this interesting addition would make a suitable option for you.

They produce small, round or pear-shaped fruits, rarely more than 2 inches (5 cm.) long. Sweet or slightly acidic in flavour, the juicy flesh may be white, yellow or orange with a yellow or orange-blushed peel.

Loquats are tasty when peeled and eaten fresh, or you can freeze the whole fruit for later use. They make excellent jellies, jams, preserves, cobblers or pies.

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Eriobotrya japonica Loquat tree
Eriobotrya japonica Loquat tree
Eriobotrya japonica Loquat tree
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