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Mobilane Live Dividers (White)

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   Biophilic Design Can Have a Major Impact on a Building's


    Biophilic design in office buildings has been gaining momentum all over the world. 


    Its popularity has been prompted by a  series of studies that reveal that exposure to nature

    increases focus, creativity and productivity. As well as having a positive effect of wellbeing

    and stress reducton in high-pressured environments. 


    As a result, companies companies benefit from higher performance levels, staff retention and

    reduced absenteeism.




    A LiveDivider adds a healthy and green partition to work and living spaces.  They include an automated irrigation system with remote

    monitoring  whilst plants act as natural air-purification systems that augment oxygen levels.



    The frame is filled on both sides with six interchangeable plant cassettes. These can be ordered complete our recommended plant

    mix  or   can be  planted with your plant selection.   


    The interchangeable plant cassettes allow you the flexibility to vary your plant selection according to the season or occasion.


    The LiveDivider requires minimal plant care experience – its watering system has a reservoir built into the frame. This works without

     electricity,  water pumps or water drainage and the reservoir supplies the plants with water for up to six weeks.





   - Helps maintain social distancing

   - Cleaner air and healthier atmosphere

   - Divides public space, whilst retaining open character

   - Increased ambience

   - Good for the acoustics in the room




   - Patented system

   - Exchangeable plant cassettes

   - Integrated watering system

   - No pump or electric power required

   - Water reservoir for 4-6 weeks

   - Fully recyclable







Manufacturer:                 Mobilane


Gutter profiles:                Aluminium profiles, AL6063 T5, matt black anodised. End and flow caps made of glass fibre reinforced nylon, fixed with self-tapping

                                        screw thread on the profiles


Fixation:                          Aluminium profiles are directly fixed to the wall by using Fischer plugs Fischer UX8x50R and Fischer screws 5.0x60 CK stainless steel A2,

                                        the gutter profiles are pre-drilled with grid size 40 cm


Waterflow:                       Flow caps have a hose adapter and are connected with plastic tubing, fixed with a stainless steel hose clamp


Plant Cassette:               Capillary cloth made of microfibre fabric 80% PES/20% PA;

                                        Back plate with reinforcing ribs, and clamping projections made of PP    


Planting:                          Plant Selection in consultation with the supplier.


Water supply capacity:    2.0 bar 0.6 m3/h


Irrigation:                         Double power point 16 amp 230V

                                        Water drainage under the wall for connection 32mm

                                        Internet access with one opened port (optional)

                                        Space available for installing the irrigation unit (standard unit 60 x 50 x 25 cm = H x W x D)


Irrigation unit:                  Mobilane irrigation unit with manual main valve, filter, control unit, compost injection pump, flow meter and fertiliser tank. 


Accessories:                    Frame made of aluminium, AL6063 T5, blank anodised.

                                         Frame is fixed with list clips list which are securely fixed with Fischer UX8 plugs and Fischer 5,0x60 CK A2 stainless steel

                                         screws. (RAL colour table is optional available)

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