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Lechuza HAVALO (HAVALO 40, moon grey)

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seashell nude

moon grey

basalt grey

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The new LECHUZA luxury range brings modern elegance to any room – both at home and at work.


Placed in public foyers and museums, innovative offices or stylish private lofts, the exclusive HAVALO collection will create unique design accents and an unmistakable visual effect.


The HAVALO range is authentic, sublime yet unobtrusive. The planters harmonise perfectly with current interior design trends, and the planters offer a functional sub-irrigation system to meet even the highest plant requirements.



The use of form is soft, well-defined and stylish, while the timeless, refined design is inviting to behold. They masterfully create a relaxing atmosphere for everyday living spaces. The HAVALO planters come in three elegant colours with a matte finish: seashell nude, basalt grey and moon grey. Each enhances the value of plants and floral arrangements, staging them as ‘en vogue’ design elements.

LECHUZA’s expert plastics knowledge is continually demonstrated in each product’s design: the exclusive new outer surface with a fine groove design is produced through a unique molding process using specially developed materials. This modern manufacturing process ensures all planters are completely seamless, sturdy, and have a forward-thinking design – true luxury that is worth the price.




The removable, neutral liners with retractable handles allow plants to easily be changed at any time. The HAVALO planters – which come in three sizes – all combine elegance and style with effortless handling and also reliability, thanks to the original LECHUZA irrigation system.

The luxurious HAVALO planters will be available in the elegant shades of seashell nude, basalt grey and moon grey and in the sizes 30, 40 and 60. They are available as All-in-One sets, including the planter, liner, water level indicator, self watering system and  the LECHUZA PON substrate.


Exquisite, elegant, exclusive. A line for everyone who loves luxury and can appreciate the charm of unmistakably-beautiful design. Dress your space in style – discover HAVALO.


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Dimensions & Capacity


Dimensions ~ (W x D x H) 33 x 33 x 60 cm 41 x 41 x 37 cm 60 x 60 x 85 cm
Water reservoir 2 l 4 l 6,5 l
Plant volume 6 l 13 l 29 l
Planter liner, dimension ~ 20 x 20 cm 27,9 x 27,9 cm 38,5 x 38,5 cm
Planting depth 17,5 cm 22,6 cm 28 cm
Plant height max. 40 cm 60 cm 100 cm
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More Information
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