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Lechuza OJO Planting Flower Pots for Children (Raven Black)

Garden Products » » Lechuza OJO Planting Flower Pots for Children (Raven Black)



Ruby Pink

Green Apple


Ocean Blue

Fire Red

Raven Black



Lechuza OJO Self Watering Flower Pots for Children 


Green-fingered fun!


LECHUZA and PLAYMOBIL have teamed up to create OJO: The playful self-watering flower pots to help get children interested in the world of gardening.


Gardening can benefit children in so many special ways; helping them develop their green fingers is going to enhance their lives  and help the environment too. 



What are the benefits of gardening for children?


  • Teaches children the importance of patience and care. 

  • Helps children to form an appreciation for the environment and green spaces.

  • Keeps them in touch with nature and helps them develop empathy and care for other living things.

  • They can learn about how food is grown and how to do the same in their own homes.

  • Encourages healthy eating

  • Teaches children about sustainable living






OJO makes growing and caring for plants  exciting and fun. Thanks to the smart LECHUZA irrigation system, children can learn how to care for their plants. The planters can be customised with a choice of 6 different hair colours: simply swap and mix and match to create playful new styles. A great gift idea for the next generation of gardeners!


OJO features a clever smart stick-irrigation system, which is inserted into the underside of the grow pot. This inner pot is then placed into the outer planter. The stick-irrigation system takes water from

the planter’s reservoir and allows moisture to be supplied to the roots.


self-watering planter




  When your plant needs more water, Ojo's eyes indicate how much is left in the water reservoir, so children can easily top him up.

  OJO, the innovative PLAYMOBIL friend for your plants, is available in 6 hair colours: ruby pink, apple green, aquamarine, ocean blue, fire red, and raven black.


  The all-in-one set includes the planter, special interactive eyes, and a stick irrigation system.



Give your Playmobil guy or gal a funky new do!



Lechuza OJO Plant Set

Ojo can also be styled by your child. The planter can be customised with a choice of hairstyles thanks to the accompanying wheatgrass plant set. The set includes a pack of organic wheatgrass seeds, which grow into bushy plants, hence creating the hairstyle of choice. 


(Plus wheatgrass is packed full of vitamins and antioxidants)


Setting up your Plant Head seed set is a great way of getting kids into nature.


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