Benefits of Instant Hedges

Installing an instant hedge will transform any outdoor space, creating an attractive living wall and the feel of a mature garden instantly...

If you’re looking for an instant natural privacy solution to get away from nosy neighbours, or you’ve just built a stunning home but the landscaping leaves something to be desired, an instant hedge can offer a myriad of benefits, from attractive greenery to a living wall that filters wind and air pollution, particularly particulate matter.

Here’s a round-up of the top benefits of bypassing years of growing a hedge and instead choosing to plant one that’s already established.

instant hedge

Create immediate interest

Instant hedges are pre-cultivated, mature hedges that have been tended to at the nursery.

As soon as you receive your instant hedges, they are ready to install and offer immediate interest and character as opposed to ordering immature hedging plants which can take up to 7 years to become fully formed.

This is why pre-grown instant hedges are a such a popular choice.

This is particularly relevant with new builds.

Typically, new builds will leave the landscaping incomplete and the gardens tend to be immature meaning a long wait for a fully established garden with desirable aesthetics.


Create instant privacy and structure

Instant hedges can be used to create instant privacy screening, to delineate the boundaries of your property and to create a sense of layering in the planting, particularly if more than one hedge type is used.

A hedge often provides the backdrop and the framework for the rest of the garden.


For instance, you could combine smaller Buxus(Box) hedges flanking pathways or garden edging with a taller hedge along the boundaries to create instant privacy.

By combining the two heights, you create a sense of depth and the garden feels mature from the outset, even if other planting is still immature. 

instant hedge
instant hedge

Delineate the boundary

Instant hedging is an attractive and alluring way to define a property’s boundary.

One of the biggest bonuses to planting a hedge is that you do not need any sort of planning permission as opposed to fencing which cannot exceed a certain height.

Planting an instant hedge can solve two problems at once: the provision of privacy if it is required; and, a solution to stringent planning permission laws.

Surround yourself with attractive greenery

The high density of urban living often results in smaller sections with a view of a neighbour’s fence or property, significantly reducing the charm factor.

Blocking out the view with an instant hedge can change the entire feel of the home.

It’s hard to put a value on the ability to look out the window and enjoy the beauty of a vibrant instant living hedge instant of your neighbour’s wall.

instant hedge
instant hedge

Create vital wildlife habitats to help boost biodiversity

An instant hedge provides vital habitats for wildlife, important shelter and protection for wildlife, particularly nesting birds and hibernating insects.

They also offer food in the form of leaves, berries and fruits. 


Help reduce  incidents of flash flooding

In recent years flash flooding has become one of the most devastating consequences of a changing climate seen across the nation.

In contrast to conventional walls forming the boundary around properties, hedges, with their extensive root systems, are excellent at absorbing torrential rainfall, and thus are excellent to help reduce the likelihood of flash flooding after heavy rain.

instant hedge


Hedges in a Hurry

East of Eden plants offer a range of instant hedges, ranging from low-growing Buxus hedges to tall-growing, pre-grown hedges.

Find out more about instant hedges by clicking the button below.

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