Balcony Ideas for Urban Gardeners

balcony design ideas

Balcony ideas for Urban Gardeners

Growing food in the city in small spaces like balconies has fast become a new trend: in cities people are digging, planting and harvesting in all sorts of places. The urban gardening movement is transforming cites, turning the grey to green.  All you need is a small growing space, a passion for growing your own food and a hint of creativity.

The self-watering pots in the LECHUZA Stone Collection are perfect for growing your own vegetables, salad, herbs or snack fruit and their natural stone finish makes them ideal for contemporaty urban balconies or roof terraces.

LECHUZA - the right pot for every plant

Herbs and vegetables in your balcony box

balcony design ideas
Transform your balcony into a green oasis in just a few simple steps. 

There's a matching plant pot for even the smallest space that not only looks impressive but the interior self-watering system takes care of your plants for you. 
balcony design ideas
Grow your own salad and herbs as well as cherry tomatoes or radishes on your railsings with the BALCONERA Stone balcony box.

The balcony box holders ensure a secure hold and can be expanded with an extender if the bars are spaced far apart.
balcony design ideasGardening tips: The bigger the plant, the bigger its root system will be and the more water and space it needs.

The beautifully curved CUBETO planting bowl (below) has a generous planting area. You can create little herb gardens that not only fit on your balcony and terrace but also directly add flavour to your dishes.

And the practical all-rounder CANTO Stone (left) works as a large cube and a pillar to give enough space to all plants with a large root ball.

Your crop plants are fed the same way nature does it and the pot's removable base screw protects against water build-up in heavy rain.
Urban Farming with CUBETO

Delicacies from the hobby gardencitrus trees


What grows on a balcony or terrace?

Naturally, the most important question when you start your urban garden is what you can plant. Plucking lettuce or rocket are also perfect for beginners and last a whole summer: if you only harvest the outer leaves, they keep growing back again and again.

Popular mini berry vines or small citrus trees transform any area into a relaxing green space in their stunning stone finish pots.

Even vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and zucchini are perfect for planting in containers. Regularly adding  fertilisers speeds up the growth process and produce higher yields.

Sow seeds yourself or buy the plants?


When growing your crop plants, seeds have the advantage of giving you a much wider selection and they're a lot cheaper than young plants. Young plants are much less sensitive, however, and they take less effort to grow.

Gardening doesn't have to be complicated

Gardening doesn't have to be complicatedFinish – Wait – Snack

Gardening is totally on trend! Even with no experience, it takes barely any effort to turn your terrace or balcony into your very own fruit, vegetable, herb and salad garden and you can keep redesigning any way you want.

The best thing of all is that you can jazz up water and lemonade with fresh raspberries and lemons, and sweet home-grown strawberries taste twice as good.

Perfect for a beautiful summer afternoon!
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