Mediterranean Garden Design

Mediterranean garden design
Balcony garden
Mediterranean garden design
Mediterranean garden design
Mediterranean garden design
Mediterranean garden design
Mediterranean Garden Designs

One of the delights of creating Mediterranean landscape designs, is that they are quite unlike a traditional garden design that needs constant digging, manures and fertilizers, as well as endless wasteful watering.

In contrast, as long as you have added plenty of gravel to the soil or compost in pots, and there is good drainage, very little additional work is needed.

This is because plants suited for a Mediterranean garden design are not only mostly evergreen, for all year round delight, but they have also adapted to poor soils, and do not need arduous care and constant feeding.

In fact, herbs are at their most flavoursome and aromatic in under nourished soils.


Mediterranean planting and design styles are excellent for balcony, terrace and roof garden themes because they are particularly suited to the extreme condtions of exposure experienced in these settings.

As well as creating a contemporary design style, they are the best suited plants, and provide an all year round biophilic green space, with least maintenance

We supply quality Mediterranean, exotic and tropical plants from our own grown stock, as well as handpicked specimens from premier European nurseries, including citrus and Mediterranean stocks direct from Tuscany and naturalised in the UK.

With our botanical design knowledge, we provide vibrant new choices of flow of colour and form  or instill Zen tranquility.

Mediterranean balcony design
Mediterranean garden design

Waterwise gardening in a changing climate

There are two great Mediterranean styles that have influenced Western garden design: Morrish style and Renaissance style.

They can be adapted to gardens of any size, from the smallest balcony to the large estate gardens.

These are the Moorish style from the serene gardens of the Granada and Seville regions, which are based on traditional Islamic design principles brought across by the Moors from North Africa.

The other Mediterranean style being that of the Italian Renaissance, which emphasis balance and proportion.

Classically represented by formal features, such statuary, parterre planting, topiary, fountains and a inspirational range of evergreen plants, you can create dramatic and evocative effects.

In our design work, we can blend these two styles to suit your lifestyle aspirations to create an all year alfresco theme.

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Mediterranean garden design

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