Morus alba: White Mulberry

Morus alba White Mulberry

Morus alba: White Mulberry

A beautiful round full bodied medium tree of great dignity.

Small white fruits can turn pink or dark red by August and they are both sweet and edible (Black mulberry, featured below, is sweeter and more succulent).

The leaves of the White Mulberry are the main food source of the silkworm and the tree thrives on most soils but prefers a southerly aspect.

They always seem to look old before their time which gives great character to and garden.


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Morus alba White Mulberry

Best Month / Season: August


Colours:  Green foliage, White fruits which can turn pink or red are sweet and edible.


Mature Height: 5-10m


Suitable For: Parks and gardens


Soil Type: Acidic, alkaline, clay, light


Tolerant of: Dry soils, sheltered conditions

Morus alba White Mulberry
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