Old Ironstone Pots and Planters

These dramatic Old Ironstone planters feature a beautiful, antique, weathered finish. Their unique weathered patina gives them an element of scarcity, the perfect statement feature in any outdoor space. 

Each Ironstone pot is hand crafted with a speckled surface that is truly unique.

Thanks to their heavy weight, they are incredibly stable, making them ideal for larger plants and trees. 

The combination of iron and stone gives them a real biophilic feel and will blend seamlessly in both traditional and contemporary settings. 

 Old Ironstone pots & planters are Hand Made

Note: As they are Hand Made allow a 20% margin of difference in size 

Plus these planters are very heavy.


Old Ironstone 'Normandie' Planter

old ironstone planter pot

Old Ironstone 'Old Jar' Planter

Old Ironstone Giant Planter

Old Ironstone Lined Cylinder Planter

Old Ironstone Cylinder Planter

Old Ironstone Urn Planter

Old Bowl Ironstone Planter

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