Instant Privacy Screening

Privacy Screening in wooden planters

Privacy Screening

Natural Privacy Screening

Do you need privacy away from the neighbours?

Turn your outdoor space into an elegant hideaway so you can relax and enjoy quality time in your garden, without a neighbour's face in sight!

Living Green Screens provide instant low maintenance garden privacy screening giving a decent amount of privacy (please note, not enough for Naturists) whilst still letting in sunlight and a warm summer's breeze.

Screening planted into the ground

Natural Privacy Screening

Living Green screens in Wooden Larch Troughs

When planting in the ground is not possible the ivy screens can be planted in our commercial quality, moveable larch troughs.
  • All of our Large Wooden Trough Planters are made by local UK craftsmen to order
  • The commercial quality and side panel thickness and mitred joints, ensures that our planters have a professional finish and are guaranteed for 5 years.
  • Constructed from hand selected Larch from sustainably managed woodlands
  • Coloured eco-friendly staining option is available

Get in touch to find out more about our wooden planters and living green screens today.
Planters for Green Screens
Natural Privacy Screening
Natural Privacy Screening
Natural Privacy Screening
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