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Garden Privacy Screening

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It’s a bright, shiny evening after a hard day's work and you’re looking forward to an ice, cold beer and some peaceful relaxation in your garden. The last thing you want to see is your neighbour stalking his garden in his boxers, right?

With urban environments becoming more and more dense, it can seem like maintaining garden privacy is impossible. You look forward to withdrawing from your busy life and relaxing in your own little secluded place of tranquility, away from prying eyes. Regrettably, budget desert islands are far and few between, but with instant living screens, you’ll be a world away from your neighbours in no time at all. 

Instant living screens will not only afford you privacy but will transform your garden into a green, tranquil retreat that allows a summer breeze to flow through. 

Being screens, they are much thinner than a hedge, making them ideal for privacy screening, where space is limited. What's more, they reduce noise and are ultra low maintenace giving you more time to enjoy your garden. 

 As the old saying goes, good fences make good neighbours!

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