Self-Watering Planters

self watering planter
Self Watering Planter

Growing your favourite plants in containers is a convenient and adaptable way of enjoying the benefits and pleasure of creating your own personal green space, whether in your home:

  •  workplace 
  •  garden
  •  patio
  • courtyard
  • apartment 
  • balcony
  • terrace 
  • roof garden

However, watering your plants can sometimes present a challenge.

The main causes of plant death, and poor growth is due to under or overwatering. 

Lechuza self watering planters offer a simple solution that takes the guesswork out of watering. 

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How to Assemble Lechuza Sub-Irrigation Planters
Take a look at our step by step assembly guide for Lechuza self-watering planters. 

Assembly is quick and simple, we've also included some potting tips to ensure your plants reach their maximum potential. 

In these stylish, high quality self watering planters, the compost sits on a bed of specialist aerating granules, which are in direct contact with a separating water reservoir.

A water gradient is created in the compost from the bottom of the planter through the compost to the surface.

The system allows the plant roots to grow down through the compost towards the water reservoir for the optimum amount of water and minerals for each plant type.

The really clever aspect of the self watering design is that, whether a plant is a dry loving or water loving specimen, the depth that the plant roots grow will determine how much water is best for their optimum needs.


Self Watering Planter

Benefits of Self Watering Planters

Promotes Healthy Root Growth


A common problem gardeners face is shallow plant root growth, due to shallow watering. Many plants cannot achieve maximum growth without proper root growth, which is essential for the optimum uptake of water and minerals.

The Lechuza self-watering planters provide a highly effective way to enable deep rooting in well aerated moist
compost, without being concerned about root rot, which results in plant death.

Even better, with the aid of a simple water level indicator, your compost never needs to dry out, which is a common
problem for most container plant growers. A better root system results in larger, healthier, longer living plants. 



With Lechuza planters, the need for daily watering will be a thing of the past.

In addition, frequent travelling and long working hours can have a gradual damaging effect on potted plants.

If the compost dries out, the delicate outer root cells that absorb the water and minerals, shrivel and die, which sets
back the growth of your plant, and it can quite quickly die.

Even if they do survive, your plant can take weeks or even months to recover and produce new absorbing root cells.

In addition, the structure of dried out compost no longer holds water as well as moist compost.

The Lechuza self-watering planters offer the ideal solution, as watering can be greatly reduced without endangering the plant.

You can go away for far longer without the need for watering, even during those hot summer months. 

The planter will work effectively as long as it contains enough water in the internal reservoir – and it takes a long time for all the water to be taken up by your plant and lost by transpiration or evaporation. 


self watering planter

Maintains Nutrients


When you water plants in standard planters, compost nutrients gradually diffuse out from the container with water molecules, and are lost from the bottom of your pot. 

Hence you will have to periodically add fresh organic matter to retain the nutrient levels of the compost, or constantly add mineral nutrients. 

With a Lechuza self-watering planter, the closed system permits the nutrients to remain inside the environment; all overflow of water enters a separate compartment that can be poured back over the plant, similar to creating your own water / mineral cycle. 

As a result, plants receive just the right amounts of water and nutrients they need for optimal growth. 



Conserves Water


Saving water, particularly in drier climates, is a constant challenge for gardeners.

The Lechuza planter will only allow some of the water to evaporate after direct watering.

The water in the lower reservoir is sealed and cannot evaporate; consequently reducing the overall amount of water usage compared with traditional pots.


self watering planter



Other advantages of Lechuza self watering planters include:

  • Frost, UV and Weather resistant
  • Shatterproof and impact-resistant
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use in all conditions
  • Drives harmful salts away from the roots to the surface
  • No need for mains/water supply


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