Umbrella or Parasol Trees

Umbrella parasol trees

Umbrella or Parasol Trees


Also known as roof top or horizontal pleached trees, Umbrella or Parasol trees are single stemmed trees that have had their central leaders removed to leave a crown.

The lateral branches of the crown are then trained over a bamboo or steel frame to create a horizontal screen to create an elegant and striking parasol or umbrella.

They are very popular for producing natural shade instead of pergolas or arbours, and create a very stylish architectural effect, being perfect for terraces and courtyards or paved areas close by the house to frame and provide shade and privacy from above for seating and dining areas for all year-round interest

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Umbrella parasol trees

Parasol tree species are usually deciduous to allow light to pass through in the winter, and shade cover in the summer.

Two common parasol trees include Platynus and Morus, with a clear stem of 200 to 230cm for good head clearance, with parasol heads of 150 x 150cm

Umbrella parasol trees
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