Planters for Balconies, Terraces and Roof Gardens

balcony garden design

Experts in Balcony and Terrace Garden Design 

Our design team have been transforming balcony and terrace gardens throughout London for over 10 years. 

Our team are passionate about urban greening and we excel in maximising the potential of your space, no matter how small, designed around your specific maintenance time levels. 



We believe that everyone can grow their own garden in the city no matter how limited the space may be.

We are commited to providing you with imaginative garden solutions to enhance your outdoor and indoor space to maximal effect. 
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Balcony Pots & Planters 
Maximise on precious balcony space with our range of self watering railing planters, balcony hanging planters and narrow troughs for small spaces.
balcony planters
Balcony design
Balcony garden design
Balcony garden design
Balcony garden design
Balcony garden design
small garden design


small garden design


Terrace garden design including living walls and bamboo privacy screening
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