Free Standing Living Walls


An exceptional Biophilic Design Strategy to Soften Workplace Distancing

Introducing the newly updated Live Divider Plus, a low maintenance, free-standing living wall and natural divider. Being self-watering, they can keep your plants supplied with the optimum amount of water for up to 6 weeks. 

In addition to promoting safe social distancing, you will benefit from a higher level of air quality and significant reduction in stress amongst the building's occupants. 

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Live Divider Product Guide

Vertical Green Wall

LiveDivider by Mobilane brings all the benefits of biophilic design into your space. 

As well as the benefits that exposure to nature can bring, LiveDivder is perfect for creating:
  • Instant privacy
  • Noise Reduction
  • Room Division
  • Improved Air Quality 
  • Temperature Control
LiveDivider consists of a modern metal frame on a sturdy fixed base.
The frame has room for six cassettes of plants on either side, 12 cassettes in total.

Thanks to the use of exchangeable plant cassettes, the plants can be changed easily and quickly to reflect the season or a special occasion.

The frame incorporates an integrated watering system with reservoir.

This ensures that the plants are provided with water for four to six weeks.

LiveDivider requires no electricity or batteries.

Please CONTACT US for prices including delivery. 
Interior Living Wall
Living Wall
Living Wall
Living Wall
Living Wall

LiveDivider PLUS is a Modular System

The LiveDivider PLUS functions as an effective biophilic room divider to segment large areas exactly as desired, making them ideal for use in offices, waiting rooms, hotels, public buildings and more.

LiveDivider PLUS contributes to biophilic design, enhancing the wellbeing of any building's occupants, as well as providing privacy and distance while retaining the open aspect of a given space. The system consists of individual modules made of steel with interchangeable cassettes that serve as planters. Plants can be easily interchanged to adapt to the season, theme or a specific occasion.

Plants for Your Live Dividers

Not sure what plants to grow in your living wall?

If you would like us to arrange the supply of suitable plants please contact our experts.

This is a great option if you are unsure which plants are suitable for living walls.

Pre-selected, eye catching blends of plants for your Live Dividers that will thrive well and
create a bold statement with the best selection of clour and green tones all year round.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Planting Options

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