Mycorrhizal Fungi: What it is and how it benefits your Plants and the Planet

Rootgrow is a completely natural and organic product containing mycorrhizal fungi that helps plants:

  • Establish more quickly and with more vigour
  • Be more resistant to disease and drought
Mycorrhizal fungi

This completely natural found group of fungi offers a truly organic and ecologically balanced method of enhancing plant growth and viability has been recognized by scientists for some time.

For over a decade it has been produced in a commercially available form by Rootgrow to benefit practically all commercial and cultivated plants and trees.

With a research background in Mycology, East of Eden Plants and Designs started testing the potential of using Rootgrow with plants and trees in our own growing sites, as well as landscaping projects, and could immediately see the benefits within the first year, which has gone on to produce significantly faster and healthier growing plants, than those planted without the use of Mycorrhizal Rootgrow.

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Tim Owen of Kent County Council standing in an untreated control plot. The growth here after three years is slow with birch and oak dominating. Mortality is considerably higher without the mycorrhizal treatment.
mycorrhizal fungi

The White Horse Wood treated with RootGrow showing excellent growth after three years and mortality less than 1%. Recent measurements of treated tree girths show a 3-to-1 increase over the control trees.
mycorrhizal fungi


Any planting operation aims to ensure the rapid and healthy growth of cultivated plant species.
To do so, technology has supplied inputs in the way of fertiliser development and production. 

Increased studies on the impact of these fertilisers on the environment – especially chemical fertilisers
– have led to the requirement for safer alternatives to grow plants in a healthy way.

It is such studies that led to the founding and development of the mycorrhizal fungi, among others.

What is Mycorrhizal Fungi?


As the name implies, the mycorrhizal fungus is a biofertiliser which improves the soil properties so much
s to favor a better environment for plant growth and development.

Unlike most other fertilisers that claim to affect the plant directly, this soil-based fungus takes a holistic
approach by creating a conducive environment for the plant’s growth itself.


mycorrhizal fungi

Ideally, this works because no amount of effort on the plant will yield any fruits if the soil itself is not willing to support
a healthy growth profile.

How do mycorrhizal fungi work?


The mycorrhizal fungi exist in a symbiotic relationship with plants to deliver a unique set of plant enhancement capabilities,
and have been a component of natural thriving ecosystems since land plants evolved, maximizing their ability to take in
water and nutrients
 from the soil.

Through its extensive network of hyphae, mycorrhizal fungi help the plant root increase its surface area. With this increased
surface area, it becomes possible for the plant to reach much more nutrients and water from the soil. 


All of this will contribute to a better growth plan for the plants.

At the same time, the plant will also supply the fungus with carbohydrates needed for growth.

Note that the plant stands to gain the most from this relationship. With every growth of the fungi, it becomes possible for the
plant to reach even further and tap more nutrients from a wider range in the soil.


Targeted benefits of mycorrhizal fungi


Besides improved water intake due to the increase in plant root reach and surface area, mycorrhizal fungi also help with:

  • The improvement of plant immunity – increased nutrient uptake helps plants build a better resistance against diseases and infections. Likewise, the fungus secretes protective juices that keep the plant guarded against most attacks.
  • The improvement of soil structure - mycorrhizal fungi promotes the secretion of GLOMALIN, aggregating the soil to such an extent that a micro-environment is created. This micro-environment facilitates the conversion of plant nutrients from unavailable to available forms, all thanks to the improved microbial activity that has been brought about. 
  • Reduction of chemical usage – Depending on the soil, plant and mode of application, the initial usage of mycorrhizal fungi can reduce the need for chemical fertilizers by 15 – 50%. For long term use, chemicals can be eliminated.
  • This will in turn induce a healthier soil profile, creating a highly sustainable environment for the plant to thrive naturally.
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